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Pi Day fashion line makes math look good

Let your inner mathematician shine in style.


Lisa Granshaw


Pi Day is a special day, whether you’re a math geek or not. After all, who doesn’t love pi (and pie)? Today is a particularly notable Pi Day since it will match more than just the first three digits of the well-known 3.14. Including the year 2015, it will match the first five (3.1415), something that happens once a century. To celebrate the big occasion, Gold Bubble Clothing has a whole new line.

You can make your wardrobe a little more irrational with Gold Bubble’s Pi Day collection. The line features eight items that include four different styles of leggings and A-line dresses. From a grey pi pattern to chalkboard and rainbow variants to the highly enjoyable pi-meets-pie design, there are lots of options to express your love for the mathematical constant. 

Photo via Gold Bubble Clothing/Instagram

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