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Online petition pleads for Fortnite to be banned because ‘it’s brainwashing’ boyfriends

The joke is on the petitioner, though.


Josh Katzowitz


As Fortnite continues to massively grow in popularity—in the gaming community and in the mainstream—it’s beginning to face a small backlash from those who want to spend more time with their addicted loved ones.

On this petition, titled “Get rid of Fortnite,’ Chloe D wrote, via the Washington Post, “It’s taking over our boyfriends’ lives and brainwashing them.”

She actually started the petition two months ago, but it’s only recently begun to gain traction, and as of this writing, 968 had signed it.

Wrote another petitioner: “Our crushes, significant others, and/or siblings have been corrupted by this game. You thought they were listening to your story this whole time? NOPE! They were focused on Fortnite.”

Clearly, the petition was meant to be funny. But perhaps the joke was on Chloe this entire time.

Wrote Chloe on the site long after she originally began the petition: “Edit: okay so i see this blew up. It was originally made as a joke and Initially i hated fortnite but i started playing It and it’s actually kinda fun.”

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