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Film adaptation of ‘The Flash’ loses Seth Grahame-Smith as director, keeps his screenplay

Warner Bros. has ‘plenty of time’ to find another director.


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Seth Grahame-Smith has taken a page from DC superhero The Flash and has swiftly departed from his would-be directorial debut.

Grahame-Smith was originally set to direct The Flash, a film that he also wrote. The Hollywood Reporter reported that he’s instead left the project over “creative differences.” However, the Warner Bros. film will keep Grahame-Smith’s script nonetheless.

The Flash is slated to premiere March 16, 2018, leaving THR to speculate that the studio has “plenty of time” to find another director.

Perhaps best known as the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Grahame-Smith first became involved in film following the novel’s film adaptation. He served as the executive producer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a film based off yet another one of his books.

Grahame-Smith had previously been attached to the film for nearly seven months, though the announcement of his directorial involvement was met with tepid enthusiasm. It seems that his departure may have been predictable for some Flash fans, who were eager to bash the newbie director on Twitter.

Thankfully, Warner Bros. appears to have no love lost over the departure: Grahame-Smith will reportedly remain involved in the forthcoming Lego Batman Movie and Beetlejuice 2—two projects that appear to be more Grahame-Smith’s speed.

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