FIFA 16 adds women’s soccer teams, sparks the first-ever baseless FIFA scandal

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The arrest of seven high-ranking FIFA officials continues to shine light on the organization’s long history of alleged corruption, but news from the FIFA video-game front seems to be more promising. EA Sports, which produces the FIFA games every year, announced Thursday that FIFA 16 will include female soccer players for the first time.

FIFA 16 will feature 12 Women’s National Teams, including the USA, England, Sweden, France, Brazil, Canada, Italy, and China. The developers even scanned and digitized some of the best female soccer players in the world, replicating their likenesses in stunning detail down to their tattoos.

FIFA 16 won’t be released until September, but with the Women’s World Cup starting soon, interest in soccer is likely to rise again among American audiences who normally don’t pay attention to it.

The women involved in the game are thrilled about the new development, to say the least. Although the FIFA games have been coming out since the ’90s, this is be the first time women have been included.

“It’s such an honor for women’s players and our team to be included in FIFA 16,” Team USA’s Alex Morgan told EA Sports. “I always wondered what it would be like to see our team in the game and it is very cool to know that it is now a reality.”

For some, the change couldn’t have come soon enough.

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Of course, every time women advance in some aspect of life, men are there to complain about it.

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The women’s teams will only be available to play against other women’s teams, and their addition is only one aspect of the game. As critics of the sexist comments point out, you probably don’t even have to play as the female characters, so why complain?

And as one Twitter user reminded us all, there’s an actual FIFA scandal on our hands. Maybe we should pay more attention to that.

Screengrab via EA SPORTS FIFA/YouTube

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