Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson dressed as Pikachu Pokemon

Screengrab via therock/Instagram Remix by Jason Reed

The Rock dressed as Pikachu is our new favorite Easter bunny

We all choose you, gigantic Pikachu.


Sarah Weber


Little kids are pretty fickle with their obsessions, totally engrossed with Finding Nemo one day before moving on to Paw Patrol the next.

But not Dwayne Johnson’s daughter. Jasmine’s love affair with Pikachu has been going strong for months now, and we suspect it has something to do with her dad’s willingness to parade around their house as a six-and-a-half-foot-tall Pokémon. Johnson first donned the Pikachu suit back on Halloween, when he dazzled little Jasmine with his dad-style dance moves.

Now the gigantic yellow critter is back, subbing for the Easter bunny on Sunday. Jasmine, who has now graduated from crawling to running, is clearly having a blast (and so is the family dog, Hobbs, who seems to think Pikachu is a giant chew toy).

We hope Pokémon remains a life-long passion for Jasmine, because seeing The Rock in this Pikachu costume just never gets old.

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