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‘Doctor Who’ behind-the-scenes video shows how the TARDIS is deconstructed

It’s as if it was never there.


Michelle Jaworski


The Doctor Who Christmas special briefly introduced us to a brand new Doctor, and as much as it looks toward the future, there’s still one final farewell for the show’s most iconic set piece.

Sometimes—though not always—a newly regenerated Doctor will redecorate their TARDIS, so there’s a high possibility we’ll see an new TARDIS once the Thirteenth Doctor reunites with her ship. But first, the tireless BBC cew must take the old set down—whether it’s to make way for a new interior, mark the end of shooting, or both.

In the TARDIS’s case, a new behind-the-scenes video demonstrates just how much bigger everything is on the outside. A combination of manual labor from the crew and powerful machines are used to take the TARDIS apart piece by piece. It’s not quite time travel, but fast forward and it’s almost as if it was never there.

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