Bethesda debuts a stunning look at Dishonored 2 gameplay

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Dishonored 2

Screengrab via YouTube

Dishonored 2 gets a release date, a new trailer, and a traditional leak!

From what we’ve seen at Bethesda’s E3 showcase Sunday evening, Dishonored 2 is coming along nicely.

The E3 2016 gameplay trailer showed off more of the sequel to the 2012 game, including a “dust district” we’ve never seen before now. It also gave us a solid release date: Nov. 11, 2016.

As previously announced, gamers can choose to play Convo Attano again or Empress Emily Kaldwin. Bethesda also announced a collector’s edition that comes with replicas of Corvo’s mask and Emily’s ring.

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You may have seen some of the trailer already if you haunt NeoGAF; a clip of it leaked Sunday morning via a Twitch user. The game announcement itself was similarly leaked last year in advance of Bethesda’s E3 presentation during a live stream on its Twitch channel. We figure Arkane Studios is so excited to work on the project that it’s having a hard time keeping it a secret.

Dishonored 2 accidentally confirmed during Twitch stream
The company is taking the gaffe in stride.
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