Devilman Crybaby, Netflix’s take on Go Nagai’s Devilman manga, is the anime series catching hype from critics and fans these days. The darkly beautiful graphics, shocking violence and sexuality, and deeply tragic love-versus-evil plot all make it worth watching.

But the show’s theme song—a remix of the original Devilman‘s theme “Devilman no Uta”— is what’s taking hold of the internet and inspiring video memes with the danceable bop. Users across the internet are laying the track over scenes from FriendsThe Walking Deadand A Night at the Roxbury. 

The idea of the meme is to capture the mood “when the Devilman theme comes on.” And it’s not exclusive to movie or TV scenes. Any dancing clip will do.

It even extends to old school videos, like this classic clip from Jon Arbuckle’s Garfield.

And of course, no meme is complete without the appearance of the totally iconic dancing pumpkin head dude.

H/T Nerdist 

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