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Celebrities love ‘Star Wars’ just as much as you do

The Force Awakens—and so does a dormant Star Wars fandom.


Michelle Jaworski


Are you one of the few people on the Internet who hasn’t seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer yet? Go fix that right now.

Got it? Good.

It’s been a long nine years since we last saw any new footage from a Star Wars film, and naturally people are freaking out. They’re rewatching the footage, making memes out of the new lightsaber, and generally over-analyzing those 88 seconds of shiny new footage being shared through iTunes and YouTube.

Turns out, those hordes of fans have star-studded company.

Celebrities from all walks of pop-culture life are not hiding their excitement for the new movie. Whether they’re well-known life-long fans or are only recently revealing their love of Star Wars, it doesn’t matter. We’re all united under one banner, and today that banner is a trailer. Celebrities—they’re just like us!

The feelings are everywhere, and all of us, no matter how famous or critically acclaimed by the Academy, want to express the pure joy of it all.

We still know next to nothing about The Force Awakens, but even if it ends up hewing more closely to the prequel trilogy than the original, at least we’ll always have this pure euphoria, right?

Just like the rest of us, celebrities are questioning the very foundations of their relationships if family, friends, and significant others reveal that, no, they’ve never seen Star Wars.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about today? The sheer number of people who are Star Wars fans.

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