Disney fanartist turns male ‘Star Wars’ characters into sexy pin-up girls

Disney fanartist Andrew Tarusov is currently turning heads due to his eye-catching reconceptualization of famous Disney films as if they had been directed and designed by Tim Burton instead:

The full fanart collection is definitely worth checking out. But we only had to look a bit further in Tarusov’s portfolio to find the project that really grabbed our attention: a series of genderbent Star Wars fanart that imagines male Star Wars characters as pin-up models. 

STAR WARS Pin-Up #7: Boba Fett is fallin.. Jetpack sucks! NSFW version and ALL previous images are available on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/tarusov #bobafett #darth #starwars #forceawekens #pinup #newstarwars #starwars7 #starwarsforceawakens #darth #vader #sithlord

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The artist draws pin-up girls professionally and went viral last year for a more straightforward series of Disney heroines drawn in the style of vintage models. He’s also drawn Marvel, DC, and Game of Thrones characters as pin-up models, including some of the male characters

But we think the genderbent Star Wars series is by far the most interesting artistic statement we’ve seen him make:

If you prefer your erotic Star Wars fanart more traditionally gendered, however, there’s something for you, too:

And one mildly NSFW image of Rey rocking some epic side boob:

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Illustration by Andrew Tarusov/Tumblr (Remix by Aja Romano)

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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