Free Dad Videos Amelia Link Costume

Photo via Free Dad Videos/YouTube

It’s dangerous to go alone! But it looks like Amelia’s got this.

Oh, what it must be like to live in Amelia’s world. The precocious toddler is only 3, but she’s already been on tons of adventures, from blowing up the Death Star to working on her career as a recording artist.

So it comes as little surprise that when she suits up in her Link costume for Halloween, something magical happens. Before her dad (who happens to be Daily Dot Director of Video Matt Silverman) can collect the rest of the family, Amelia is out the door with the Master Sword and her trusty Epona at her side. 

Along the way she battles monsters, finds some sweet treasure chests filled with cool weapons, drinks a restorative red potion, and even smashes a clay pot for rupees. (Careful on that last one kid, property damage is a crime.) 

Our Legend of Zelda-loving hearts can’t help but swell with love—and maybe just a little jealousy—for this tiny, awesome Link. 

You can catch a look behind the scenes at the making of this video below, and check out the Free Dad Videos YouTube channel for more nerdy cuteness.

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