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Adorable toddler blows up the Death Star

She's saving the galaxy, and she's not even in Kindergarten yet.

Feb 29, 2020, 12:01 am*

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Sarah Weber

What does it take to stop an evil empire? Just a toddler in an X-Wing and a few of her pals. 

Three-year-old Amelia and her dad (who happens to be Daily Dot Director of Video Matt Silverman) have been charming the internet for months with video game reviews and pancake-making tutorials on their Free Dad Videos YouTube channel. This time, they’re on an adventure to save a galaxy far, far away from the clutches of evil. 

After dropping a teaser trailer earlier this week, Silverman posted Amelia’s full-length Death Star trench run on Thursday morning. 

Of course, no Jedi can fight the dark side alone. Amelia swooped into action alongside some friends from planet YouTube, including Craig Benzine of the Wheezy Waiter channel, Anna Brisbin of Brizzy Voices, Brian Hull, and Tay Zonday

Be sure to check out Amelia’s “feeling the Force” face—that intense concentration will come in handy in a few years when she’s prepping for the SATs… or maybe the Jedi academy. 

Get a look behind the making of the video (and some pretty hilarious outtakes) below.

 Editor’s note: Free Dad Videos is not affiliated with the Daily Dot, and Silverman was not involved in the writing or editing of this story.

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2016, 11:20 am