Superhero action figures throw an amazing rager in these sweet photos

superman action figure

Photo via JD Hancock

It’s the tiny party you wish you were invited to.

Fans of Robot Chicken and its predecessor Twisted ToyFare Theatre are no strangers to action figures getting up to wacky hijinks, and what kid hasn’t had Batman take a swing at his sister’s Barbie? But that’s nothing compared to what a professional photographer can do with some beer cans and quality studio lighting. 

A Japanese photographer, who goes by hotkenobi on Instagram, has been delighting followers by showing what it might be like if some of our favorite superheroes were first shrunken down and then got a little too drunk at a party. 

And once all the beers gone, well that’s when things get real weird.

Make sure to check out the rest of hotkenobi’s brilliant photos on his Instagram account. Who knows, if he gets popular enough maybe he’ll get to direct the Marvel/DC crossover movie we’ve all been waiting for.

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David Britton

David Britton

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