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In one of the greatest April Fools’ Day non-jokes of recent memory, season 3 of Rick and Morty dropped unexpectedly on Saturday night, delighting and surprising fans of the Adult Swim show. Though only the season premiere was shown on TV and in a livestream online on Saturday night, a few additional short-form clips were released on the Adult Swim YouTube channel.

Like, this.

And these.

Though it appears only the premiere episode from the third season has been released, Rick and Morty fans still have to be pleased with the latest developments. Before Saturday night, nobody had any idea fresh Rick and Morty would be available for consumption. Now, the season 3 premiere, the short-form clips on YouTube, and the livestream currently happening on the Adult Swim website will have to be enough to satiate the show’s fans until the rest of the newest episodes are released this summer.

No joke.

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