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‘They be experimenting on their customers’: Viewers divided after Zaxby’s customer slams new $5.99 banana pudding jar dessert

‘I know that’s not a Hellman’s jar.’


Jack Alban


You eat with your eyes first. No it’s not just a saying that’s been misconstrued over the year. It’s a scientific fact. So if a dish looks unappealing to you, you’re probably going to be more reluctant to try it out.

That is exactly what happened to TikToker named Mookie (@mookie_bee) who ordered Zaxby’s new banana pudding dessert. She documented her disappointment with it in a TikTok that’s accrued over 250,000 views.

“OK, OK, Zaxby’s,” the TikToker says while pulling up in the drive-thru. Mookie notices a sign advertising the company’s new banana pudding dessert, which comes in a jar.

“All right, let’s try it out and see. Let’s see what it’s got going,” she remarks as her car continues to pull ahead into the drive-thru area. It isn’t long, however, before the video cuts to her talking into the camera, with the familiar tune of Kreepa’s “Oh No” playing in the background.

“Zaxby’s, you will count you [expletive] days cause what the [expletive] is this?” she asks before flipping the camera view around to show what the restaurant gave her after she put in an order for the jarred banana pudding.

The item looks similar to a small container of mayonnaise with its wrapper removed. “What is this?” she repeats. “And got nerve to be charging people $5.99.”

It sounds like a child in the car agrees that they wouldn’t eat it themselves. Mookie replies, “Me neither.”

@mookie_bee Banana pudding in a mayo jar is crraazzyyyy… 🍌 🗑️ #fypp #fypツ #foryou #zaxbys #bananapudding #foodie ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Other reviews of the Zaxby’s banana pudding

In a different review of the product by TikToker Queen Shakyarra (@queenshakyarra), she highlighted that on the bottom of the container there was an orange sticker that read: “no pickles.” This led her to believe the fast-food chain was using the same type of jars it uses to store pickles for the banana pudding dessert. Mookie’s pudding appears to also have the orange sticker.

Unlike Mookie, Shakyarra tries the banana pudding in her video. Her eyes widen after the first taste, and she smacks her lips together multiple times. She gives the dessert a glowing recommendation. “Zaxby’s, this right here is good!!!” she wrote in a caption for the video.

Another TikToker who tried it also recommended it to their audience as well. As did this user.

@queenshakyarra @Zaxby’s this right here is good!!! #shakyarraj #chewingchurchgirl #queenofknorr #queenshakyarra #chewshakyarra #babywhoaintgotnoedges #asmr #zaxbys #bananapudding #babywho ♬ original sound – Queen Shakyarra

Viewers had differing opinions in the comments section of Mookie’s TikTok. “Maybe I’m crazy but it looks alright to me,” one said.

“Zaxby’s sell anything. They be experimenting on their customers,” another said.

Some TikTokers couldn’t understand Mookie’s gripe, as Zaxby’s did not hide the treat comes in a jar.”It literally said it comes in a jar?? And was pictured in a jar?? And now you get a free jar to use at home?? What is the problem,” one said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Zaxby’s via email for further comment and to Mookie via TikTok comment for further information.

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