Woman says you’re probably using Lysol wipes wrong

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‘NOBODY TOLD ME NOTHING’: Woman says you’re probably using Lysol wipes wrong

'I legitimately did not realize this.'


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Posted on Feb 9, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:38 pm CST

A woman went viral on TikTok after stating that folks should not be handling Lysol wipes with their hands, quipping that everyone who’s been using them over the years is probably going to develop cancer.

User Teaghan (@kha1mekhaleesi) uploaded her thoughts in a short clip, sparking numerous replies from worrisome viewers.

“So y’all know you ain’t supposed to be raw dogging those Lysol wipes, right?” she begins. “You’re supposed to wear gloves. Your body’s absorbing those chemicals.”

“We all gonna have cancer,” Teaghan says into the camera lens before the clip ultimately closes out.

Commenters also expressed their own concerns with directly handling the wipes, along with other disinfectant products. One person penned, “If the Lysol wipes don’t take me the Lysol spray will.”

Someone else remarked, “I wash my hands after and tell myself it’s okay.”

There did seem to be folks, however, who said they had no idea about the dangers surrounding Lysol wipes.

“NOBODY TOLD ME NOTHING” one person wrote.


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Another questioned why individuals featured in Lysol wipes commercials aren’t rocking protective handwear when they use the disinfecting towelettes.

“Then why aren’t they wearing gloves in the commercials,” they asked.

Someone else wrote some folks even let children handle these purportedly dangerous items daily.

“My teacher use to pass them out in elementary at the end of the day to wipe out desk,” one said.

Another user claimed they believe it’s not just the wipes that are going to ultimately do people in, writing, “Between them n those ramen cups goin in the microwave it’s bound ta happen.”

But is the TikToker’s claim true? It seems that there are some differing opinions on whether or not the use of gloves is necessary when wiping down surfaces with Lysol disinfecting wipes.

The University of California and Agricultural Resources writes that, “Some wipes may require the use of chemically resistant gloves and hands should always be washed with soap and water after using disinfectant wipes, even if gloves are worn.” The University of Arizona has echoed these sentiments in its post but doesn’t list specific products.

On Lysol’s own website, there is no mention of gloves when it comes to its disinfecting wipes and in fact, as of this writing, there’s an image of someone using one of them with their bare hand.

In Body Image
Lysol’s website, promoting its lemon-scented disinfecting wipes. The imagery shows someone using the wipes on a countertop without gloves.

Some online communities have their own opinions on the safety of using particular cleaners, especially when it comes to their children. Numerous posters on a Baby Center discuss Clorox wipes and how folks go about using them. Many said that they don’t use gloves but wash their hands thoroughly afterward.

In a Today article, the outlet consulted with healthcare professionals about best practices when it comes to using items like disinfecting wipes and donning gloves was recommended: “There are many different types of wipes that are used to clean and kill germs. When shopping, be sure to carefully read the label. While some disinfectant wipes are designed for hands, others are made for surfaces. Wipes designed for surfaces can be harmful to skin, whereas wipes designed for skin may be less effective on surfaces, so be sure to read the label, [Dr. Georges] Benjamin [of the American Public Health Association] said. Wear gloves, and wash hands after using wipes on surfaces, he advised.”

Force of Nature Clean also states that many popular disinfecting wipes brands should only be used by consumers who are wearing gloves, and there are folks in this Reddit r/CleaningTips sub who think that you’ll be fine as long as you’re just doing a quick wipe down and then wash your hands afterward.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lysol via email and Teaghan via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2024, 1:00 pm CST