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‘Appalling’: Worker shows the ’employee appreciation’ meal they were given

‘When your company made 15 mil … here’s your bonus.’


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A worker went viral after she documented her restaurant’s “employee appreciation” meal.

TikToker Miss Molly (@the.__.jabberwocky) filmed the remnants of the meal left in catering dishes. The video was viewed over 410,000 times as of Thursday.

@the.__.jabberwocky Employee “appreciation” for the BOH/FOH #fail #valuedemployee #BOH #FOH #hhonors ♬ Titanic flute fail – Funny/Awesome Vids

In the caption, Molly explained what was going on: “Employee “appreciation” for the BOH/FOH.” While the Titanic flute fail audio played in the background, she gave viewers a tour of the meal of appreciation her place of employment provided for their workers.

The food appeared to consist entirely of canned chili, hot dogs, and some generic popsicles. None of it looked appetizing to say the least.

Users were shocked by the subpar spread, and they joked about its quality.

One person simply wrote, “Appalling.”

“Where’s the Shasta soda or is that too fancy,” another user joked.

“I’d still eat it, but I think I’d regret it very quickly,” a third wrote, to which Miss Molly replied, saying, “You and all of housekeeping lol.”

“They spent more on colored ink to print that popsicle sign than they did on the actual popsicles…” someone added, while another echoed the idea, pointing out, “The utensils and metal food containers cost more than the whole cost of the food and appreciation event.”

“Not the multicolor hot dogs,” a fourth said.

Others pointed out how companies rarely reward staff properly and said that employee appreciation would go a longer way with a cash bonus rather than a free meal.

“I can hear them now, “at least you got something, be grateful.” Well Barbara, we would like a monetary bonus lol,” a user said.

“When your company made 15 mil … here’s your bonus,” someone else pointed out.

“‘We had record profits in 2022 and we couldn’t do it without you!’” a user sarcastically replied.

The Daily Dot reached out to Molly via TikTok comment for further comment.

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