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‘I’ll wait’: Worker says she was going to put in PTO request until workplace started doing layoffs

'I found out I was laid off this way when I couldn't log in to request more time.'


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Posted on Jun 1, 2023

According to Axios, about half of all American workers don’t take all their paid time off (PTO). Sixteen percent of those workers don’t take all their PTO out of fear they risk losing their job if they do. That fear is likely exacerbated for workers whose companies are undergoing layoffs.

Austin-based TikToker Amanda Garcia (@amandagarcia128), who has over 88,000 followers, highlights that exact fear in one of her latest videos. In a video that received over 174,000 views, Garcia sits on a beach while the text overlay on her video reads: “When you’re about to request off more PTO but then find out your company is doing mass lay offs today.”

She uses popular audio featuring Adele singing “Never mind, never mind, never mind” to share that the layoffs deterred her from taking additional PTO. “Think I’ll wait on that,” her caption reads.

@amandagarcia128 Think I’ll wait on that. #layoffs2023 #PTO #jobs #worklife ♬ original sound – goldenbiscuit.tx

Garcia’s video resonated with viewers who shared their own experiences with layoffs and vacation time.

“I have a Europe trip booked in 2 weeks and I’m scared,” one said.

“I found out I was laid off this way when I couldn’t log in to request more time,” TikToker Theonewhoknocks42069 shared.

Other reasons why workers may not be using all their PTO may vary, with the top two reasons being the workers “don’t feel the need to take more time off,” and “they worry they will fall behind at work,” according to Axios.

But TikTokers under Garcia’s video also encouraged these workers just to take the time off, as there are benefits for both the employer and employee if they do. According to law firm PLBSH, while employers can fire workers for taking time off—especially in at-will states—it is highly uncommon.

“Take that time, they’ll lay you off regardless,” one commenter urged.

The Daily Dot reached out to Amanda via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 1, 2023, 8:43 am CDT