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‘Customers deserve NO MERCY!!!’: Worker says she puts random stuff in clearance section because she’s ‘too lazy’ to put it back in right spot

'On days where I’m not timid I’ll fight to have that discountttt.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on May 31, 2023

A retail worker is going viral on TikTok after admitting that she puts random items in the clearance section when she’s in a hurry to leave.

In the video, user Natalie (@nattylite12) shares that sometimes she’s “too lazy” to put regular-priced items in the right spot at the store she works at, so she’ll just plop it in the sale section.

Sometimes customers shopping in the sale section get upset that an item they thought was for sale, in fact, is at full price despite the area they found it in. When that happens, Natalie tells them, “Customers always move stuff around, so I have no control over that,” never admitting that it may have been her who caused the confusion and inconvenience.

Throughout the video, she is heard mouthing along to the “I’m not a bad guy” TikTok sound that says, “Hear me out, I’m not a bad guy. Okay, perhaps I’m kind of a bad guy.” Others who’ve hopped on this sound trend use it for thirst traps, to recount dating mistakes, and in Natalie’s case, to share how she gets around doing extra work on the job.


Customers deserve NO MERCY!!!! (Just kidding…)

♬ im not a bad guy – reira

“Customers deserve NO MERCY!!!! (Just kidding…),” Natalie captioned the video.

The worker has about a dozen TikToks from inside the same work bathroom. The videos are sometimes complaints about work, relatable content, or what seem to be silly videos to give Natalie a distraction (and serotonin boost) during her shift.

The video has nearly a quarter of a million views and over a hundred comments. It appears to be one of Natalie’s most popular TikToks so far.

In the comments section, Natalie explained that most workers “actually do their job” and that she often gets lazy about putting back items when it’s close to closing time.

“I just do it when I’m about to clock out I wanna leave,” she said. She added that if a customer asked nicely about why an item was misplaced in the sale section and made a little small talk she’d reduce the price for them.

Several commenters shared that they behaved similarly at their jobs.

“I did this every shift when i worked at old navy… 9.00$ an hour is not enough to make me SEARCHHHHH,” one person shared.

“Aye as an ex H&M employee… I’d just put that item on sale🤷🏽 that company has enough money lmao,” another wrote.

Others shared their experience as customers on the receiving end.

“YOUUUUU, on days where I’m not timid I’ll fight to have that discountttt,” a commenter said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Natalie via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 31, 2023, 8:58 am CDT