Woman walks into Burger King and works a shift. She not an employee


‘Why would you clean for free??’: Woman walks into Burger King and works a shift. She not an employee

'Within minutes, I was caught cleaning the bathroom.'


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Posted on Jan 25, 2024   Updated on Jan 25, 2024, 10:17 am CST

TikToker The Clean Girl (@_the_clean_girl) has developed a specific niche for her social media presence on the video-sharing application in the “cleanliness space.” There are plenty of folks who’ve recorded videos of themselves showing satisfying before-and-afters of once-dirty areas becoming “spic and span.”

However, The Clean Girl takes it upon herself to head to public areas to beautify them for the whole world to see. She once headed to a soldier’s grave and paid her respects by de-griming their headstone, while another time, she got rid of the graffiti that accumulated over the years at a city park.

The Clean Girl also walks into the bathrooms of private businesses, like retail stores and fast food locations, and records herself cleaning up the restrooms. This is exactly what she did at a Burger King with the “dirtiest bathroom” that she’s ever seen, she claims.

Her viral clip documenting her experience cleaning the restroom accrued a whopping 7.1 million views. She says that even though the employee was grateful for her help, he was told by his manager she wasn’t allowed to clean the bathroom for free and he would be forced to call the police unless she left.

She begins her video by posing in front of the Burger King location holding a bucket of cleaning materials. The TikToker narrates, “Come with me to clean the Burger King bathroom for free. Within minutes, I was caught cleaning their bathroom.”

According to the TikToker, she didn’t get to work for long until a BK employee knocked on the door, probably to find out what all the ruckus coming from the bathroom was.

The Clean Girl continued to narrate over video footage, and multiple camera setups, of her handiwork. “When Alejandro, the employee saw my beautiful work, he immediately left to go get his manager. I have so many questions. Is it OK for me to clean here? Or will Alejandro be back to kick me out?” she questions. “I’m so worried, this is one of the dirtiest Burger King bathrooms I’ve ever seen. Which is wonderful! The dirtier the better. I just hope I have enough time to give it a deep clean. I have no idea if I have minutes or hours to get the job done. So I’m gonna work fast. But I won’t leave until it’s perfect.”

Throughout the video, she shows off the glistening effects of her labor: a gleaming toilet, a spotless mirror, a shimmering sink, completely de-grimed floor tiles restored to their original post-installation glory, and a stainless steel trash can with a whole lot of nastiness scraped off of it.

Unfortunately, just because she did a great job, doesn’t mean that she’s necessarily allowed to camp out inside of the Burger King bathroom and work all day. Alejandro returned and informed her that she overstayed her welcome and she had to leave. “That’s when Alejandro came back he said he appreciates my work but if I don’t leave he’s gonna call the cops,” she concludes, eventually leaving the store.

Several TikTokers who saw her video were concerned with one piece of equipment that seemed to be missing from her repertoire: gloves.

“Gloves please please your gonna get sick,” one wrote.

“You should really use gloves cleaning with no gloves can cause really bad things, just watching out for u!!” another said.

“Without gloves?!” a third exclaimed.

@_the_clean_girl I Cleaned Burger king’s Barhroom For Free 🥰 #scrubdaddy #scrubdaddypartner ♬ original sound – The Clean Girl

And then others highlighted how ridiculous the phone call from Burger King to the police would have been: “Cops: 911 whats your emerngency? Alejandro:theres someone cleaning the bathroom.”

So why would a business be upset if someone like The Clean Girl decided to come into their place of work and clean their bathroom for them free of charge? Technically speaking, The Clean Girl, in this instance, is performing work for the business: who’s to say she’s not going to turn around and head to the manager and demand some form of compensation for her services after the fact?

The Daily Dot has reached out to The Clean Girl via TikTok comment and Burger King via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 25, 2024, 4:00 pm CST