Woman gets trapped in elevator because someone held the door open


‘I would’ve panicked’: Woman gets trapped in elevator because someone held the door open

‘I would have not been this calm lol.’


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A woman found a novel way to become stuck in an elevator on her way to work one morning: A 12-year-old girl with a school project used the cardboard display to hold the elevator doors open, and when the elevator closed its doors and started after the delay, it became jammed, leaving the hapless protagonist trapped inside.

The video comes from Toronto-based creator Brit (@brittto__), gathering more than 794,400 views as of Monday. In it, she details the incident that happened in her condo building, which includes showing part of the project dangling through the doors into the elevator’s enclosure.

“Not me trapped in an elevator, because this little girl wanted to hold the door to wait for her mom,” she says.

“So she used her project to hold the door, and she held it for so long that the doors were closing. And she kept her cardboard thing in the door. And I’m like thinking, ‘Well, the doors are closing on it.’ I’m thinking she’s gonna pull it out,” she explains. “She didn’t pull it out.”

Brit then describes the cardboard causing the elevator to stop and pans the camera to show part of the project sticking out of the elevator doors.

@brittto__ ruined a 12 year old girls art project on my way to work today 😅😅 wait to see the damage #fyp #laughsoyoudontcry #elevator ♬ original sound – Brit x

How to get out of a trapped elevator?

Apartment Search provided a guide titled, “What to Do If You’re Trapped in an Elevator.” It started with the advice, “Stay calm” (easy for you to say, article), adding, “Apartment elevators are incredibly safe, and your life is probably not in danger.”

It also notes that you should press the door open button then the door closed button, and push the button for a floor below you—sometimes, that’s all it takes. It also notes that after a few minutes, it’s likely that someone else will be acting on your behalf. The author writes, “People throughout the building will notice almost immediately that the elevator is not functioning properly and will call for assistance.”

Brit provided a Part Two that revealed she was able to contact someone on the elevator’s communication system, and she escaped within 15 minutes. She did, however, try to extract the project in the process, ripping part of it.

When Brit got off on the ground floor, she says the mother and daughter were waiting, and the mother was upset that Brit had ripped the project—seemingly totally unconcerned about her well-being.

Commenters on the original video expressed their thoughts.

“I would have not been this calm lol,” someone observed.

“You’re being so calm,” another echoed. “I would be freaking the hell out. Especially being on the 48th floor.”

Several commenters’ thoughts turned toward the girl.

“I’m just imagining her trying to explain it to her teacher,” one remarked.

Another said, “Not only that but this memory will be engraved in her memories.”

Responding to the Daily Dot’s request for an interview, she said, “Honestly, I am shocked lol. I took the video and showed a few of my friends who laughed and said I should post it. I had no idea it would blow up.”

“I haven’t run into them again,” Brit reports. “But I expect it will happen one day and it will be awkward.”

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