Mom spends $450 for 'deep cleaning' service, gets scammed

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‘I’m going to have to sue her’: Woman spends $450 for ‘deep cleaning’ service, says she got ripped off

‘For $450 I’d want spotless counters floors and organized toys.’


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After scheduling a $450 deep cleaning of her home, one mom says she has been scammed by a woman-owned cleaning service that blocked her from contacting them when she complained.

In a video that has drawn over 5.2 million views on TikTok as of Saturday, content creator @brandyy.rose says she scheduled a deep cleaning of her home while she was out with her children.

When she returned, Brandy says she came home to vacuumed floors and beds made, but not a whole lot else was done. While the owner of the cleaning service had declined to provide a list of services included in a deep cleaning when Brandy says she asked for one, Brandy had thought that at the very least her baseboards and window seals would be cleaned. She said they specifically discussed these items in their consultation.

“I’m just so upset, it’s like I’m the bad guy for complaining about the services and saying that I’m not happy,” Brandy says in her viral video. “But for $450 I was expecting so much more.”

The creator declined to comment when the Daily Dot reached out for a response.


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In follow-up videos, Brandy says she decided to dispute the transaction for the service with her credit card company, as the services rendered were not what was promised. In response, she says the business owner contacted her to threaten legal action over the chargeback. Ultimately, Brandy says she dropped her dispute, as the business owner claims she had a team of three working at her home, despite Brandy having stopped by multiple times during the day to find only one person allegedly cleaning her home.

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“What she’s saying is that all the things I’m complaining about are included in the deep cleaning and she did perform her services,” she says. “This is terrible, and I’m going to have to sue her and let the judge decide.”

When she shared what was happening on her personal Facebook page, Brandy says several other people came forward saying they had similar experiences with the cleaning company.

“I can’t believe I got sucked into this mess, but she will have her day in court and she will have to answer for what she has done,” Brandy says.

Many viewers wrote that they empathized with her, having been through a similar situation with folks providing services like house cleanings.

“I used Molly maids once for a deep clean and came home and thought my husband had forgotten to let them in because there was no difference,” one commenter wrote. “I was MAD.”

“100% I’ve been through this before,” another user said. “I’ve learned to walk through my list with them beforehand or ask what exactly they’ll be doing for the price.”

“I paid $750 for four ladies to basically chill in my house to do toilets & the refrigerator only it seemed,” another shared. “I cried too… I can’t believe it, 7hrs.”

In her last update video, Brandy says she will file a lawsuit against the woman and does not care if she doesn’t get “a single dollar” out of it.


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“At this point, it’s the principle,” she says. “She needs to take time out of her day to come to court to answer to a judge why she does what she does.”

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