Woman gets fired for looking like she 'doesn't enjoy her job'

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‘Since when are we supposed to like our jobs?’: Worker says she was fired because she looked like she ‘didn’t enjoy her job’

'I’m supposed to enjoy my job is that mandatory?'


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Posted on Oct 13, 2023

A woman was fired from her job because the “vibes” were off, she claims in a viral TikTok that has over 732,000 views as of Friday.

Yvette’s (@yevit) rant wasn’t just one against her former employer, but rather the state of Corporate America in general. She questioned why an employer would expect its workers to actually enjoy their jobs or act like they do, claiming that work is supposed to be, overall, a miserable experience individuals should approach gritting their teeth and bearing it.

“So I got fired, no cause, just vibes,” Yvette began. “When I was like why, why is this happening? They were like, ‘Well, it just seems like you’re not really invested long term, like it seems like you really don’t like your job.'”

Yvette expressed her disbelief and wondered since when are “we supposed to like our jobs?”

“I thought you just bootstraps it and just muscle through the day like my Republican dad told me,” she concludes. “What? God, Corporate America is just getting out of control.”

Yvette adds in a caption for the video, “Millennials are destroying the workplace.”


Millennials are destroying the workplace

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This isn’t the first time someone has made a generalization about the effect millennials are having on the workforce. Yahoo Finance rejected the idea that millennials would put an end to corporate stodginess and long-term fealty to businesses once and for all.

The article states, “The dominant media narrative of the last several decades pinned the blame for this on Gen Z and millennial up-and-comers…but the federal government itself has weighed in with new data that exposes this has been a lie. The original job-hoppers were none other than the baby boomers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who switched employers at least as much, and possibly more frequently, than millennials did at the same age.”

Millennials have long been blamed for corporate shortcomings, albeit in a different context. Philadelphia’s City Life posted a piece stating that there was a sense of entitlement many millennial employees had when starting a new job.

“Young folk aren’t content to take their turn at the bottom of the pile anymore. The results are frightening,” the piece argues. The author adds that there seems to be a generational gap about embracing the grind as a touchstone of human performance and accomplishment. “My generation was raised on stories and myths about people who trudged their way through the ranks to positions of power: Ben Franklin, John Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey. Millennial fairy tales are all about disrupters, the young Jacks who slay the old, slow giants: Evan Spiegel, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs. Raised with iPhones in hand, young people scorn the slow learning curves of their elders.”

A 2020 Medium article about “Millennials ruining the workplace” due to their specific demands or desiring particular amenities also argues that this generational occupational mindset is harmful to corporations.

The “beef” between Gen Z-ers and millennials has been frequently referenced in the media. The Walrus wrote about how “everybody hates millennials” while Vice doesn’t seem too convinced about the grudge between the two generations.

Commenters who responded to Yvette’s video seemed like they agreed with her ire towards her former employers. “I’m supposed to enjoy my job is that mandatory?” a user asked.

“Omg same, my last hr manager was like ‘it doesn’t seem like this is your dream,’ and i was like… is it yours?!” another remarked.

“I got fired after a week at a new corporate job bc I didn’t seem ‘passionate enough’ when I was just figuring stuff out bc they refused to train me,” another shared.

Another sarcastically remarked, “‘You don’t seem to love managing spreadsheets for an internal communications department of a corporate real estate firm. Why is that?'”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Yvette via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 13, 2023, 3:57 pm CDT