Worker puts in her 2-weeks' notice. She gets fired 'on the spot'

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‘And this is why I don’t give notice for jobs’: Worker puts in her 2-weeks’ notice. She gets fired ‘on the spot’

‘Make sure to write that in your Glassdoor review so people know not to put in their two weeks there.’


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It’s considered common courtesy for an employee to give their workplace two weeks’ notice should they decide to quit. However, as workers feel more and more taken advantage of and mistreated by their jobs, there’s been debate in recent years as to whether that norm should still apply.

One TikToker’s recent experience leaving her own job is giving credibility to the argument that companies don’t deserve such a courtesy.

“Handed in my 2 week resignation today for a job I’ve been at for 2 years & as a thank you for giving notice they fired me on the spot,” wrote TikToker Carl Wheezer (@deadbeatdad420).


my bf said “youre not UNemployed youre FUNemployed”

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With over 766,000 views, the TikToker’s experience prompted other viewers to share their own negative experiences with trying to quit their jobs. They also posted reminders to never put a company’s well-being ahead of your own.

“And this is why I don’t give notice for jobs,” wrote one person.

“I quit on the spot over text at my last job because they didn’t deserve a 2 week notice,” another admitted. “Most jobs don’t.”

“And most jobs will make those last 2 weeks hell even if you are/were a great employee!” agreed a third. “If they dont care why should we?”

One commenter recalled that she, “Gave 2 MONTHS notice and [her job] said I didn’t give enough notice,”

Another viewer pointed out, “Jobs dont give you a notice when firing you, so never give a notice when quitting.” The creator agreed vehemently with this, writing, “EXACTLY I literally had to sign something when I first started saying I was required to give notice.” This detail seems particularly cruel in light of how she says the company responded to her.

“Make sure to write that in your Glassdoor review so people know not to put in their two weeks notice there,” one person suggested.

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