Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating after he tries to buy her a Darry Ring

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‘You can only buy one’: Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating after he tries to buy her a Darry Ring. What is it?

‘I’ve literally never heard of these before.’


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If people could only ever marry one person, they might be a little more judicious in picking partners.

When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, one company is asking customers to be sure they have found their person before purchasing their ring.

Darry Ring, a jeweler that uses ID verification in the purchase process to ensure that customers are only buying rings once, asks that customers “firm up” their “decision of true love.” Once a ring is purchased from the jeweler, that customer will be unable to purchase a ring for another person.

One woman says her friend was interested in having a Darry Ring for her engagement ring after hearing about this policy on TikTok and seeing what they had to offer—and it went woefully awry.

An engagement gone wrong

In a video posted to TikTok by Australian content creator Tallulah (@tallulah.roseb on TikTok), she says her friend learned that her relationship of two years had been compromised by her boyfriend while trying to buy a Darry Ring for their engagement.

“Men cannot be trusted,” she says in the video before delving into the story.

“The whole premise of the ring is that it’s for the love of your life. You can only buy it once,” she says. “So say, for example, you’re engaged to a guy and he buys you a ring from this company, then you guys don’t get married or whatever. The next girl, if she wants a ring from that company and he tries to buy one, they’ll be like, ‘You can’t buy one, naughty.’”

She says her friend had been dating this man for about two years. They live together and were planning to become engaged. That is, until her boyfriend got caught Darry-handed after having purchased a ring from the jeweler within the last month for someone else.

“I’ve met this guy and I think he’s just really f*cking stupid and just didn’t get the concept of the company,” she says. “So he goes to buy one with her next to him. The purchase was declined because turns out, weirdly, he had already bought one even though my friend had never received a ring. Turns out he bought one very recently—like a month before. Turns out he had been seeing the girl he tells you not to worry about for like the past 6 months and he’d already bought her one and given her one.”

She says her friend ultimately broke up with her would-be fiancé after discovering the infidelity.

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The Daily Dot has reached out to @tallulah.roseb and to Darry Ring via email regarding the video.

What is a Darry Ring?

So why would a customer not be able to purchase multiple rings from this jeweler? Per the Darry Ring website, the founders of the company hold a strong belief in the power of true love and want to ensure that their customers are choosing their true love as well.

“Your solemn vow to your life partner is symbolized by the choice of a Darry Ring that you can only buy once,” the jeweler’s website reads. “At Darry Ring, we believe in true love. We offer continued support because we too, are in it for a lifetime.”

When purchasing a ring, the jeweler uses customers’ identification to keep track of whether or not they have already purchased a ring—already committed to their true love.

In a video included on their website, the company also outlines 10 additional “no sells” that guide their policies, including not selling to minors, those who are materialistic, or purchasing for themselves.

Several viewers commented on the video that the only reason that they know about Darry Ring and its one-ring policy is because so many people have learned of their partners’ infidelity in this way.

“I’ve literally only heard of Darry ring twice now and both times it’s the exact same situation,” one commenter wrote.

“Okay I heard about this already and now I need to get him to get me one and test this out rq,” another said.

Many more viewers wrote that they thought the video was an undisclosed advertisement for the ring brand with a well-written script.

“Arent ads supposed to be disclosed, this is a very obvious one,” one commenter wrote.

“If this is an ad you should add a sign saying it’s a sponsored video,” another echoed.

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