parent buying Whataburger Big Box to feed family of 9

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‘I’m trying to wrap my head around $100 for 10 burgers’: Viewers divided over parent buying Whataburger Big Box to feed family of 9

‘I LOVE whataburger…but $100 is ridiculous! I will cook the hamburgers at home!’


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If you’re looking to feed a large group and want to order from one of your favorite fast casual restaurants, many of them offer family-style meals. In fact, many customers swear by these specialized large-scale orders as part of their personal meal prepping solutions.

However, social media posts of this nature almost always devolve into the same debate: Some say that they’re worth it while others condemn them as being a lavish waste of money.

A similar disagreement erupted in the comments section of Britany’s (@uniquelybritany) post, where she showed off a Whataburger Big Box in a now-viral TikTok that’s accrued nearly 600,000 views.

The Whataburger Big Box

“Has anybody else got the big box dinner from Whataburger?” The TikToker asks in a text overlay of the video, which begins with her showing off the sizable container of food from the popular Texas-based fast food chain.

“This is our first time so let’s see what’s inside,” she says as she cracks open the orange and white box.

She shares how it brings the burgers and fries, plus the sides which include tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles, and cheese. The box also brings mayonnaise and mustard.

@uniquelybritany Feeding a big family is a challenge thank you whataburger for making it easy tonight! #whataburger #burger #fastfood #dinner #dinnertime ♬ original sound – uniquelybritany | MOM 2 SEVEN

But there’s even more: “And then I got their gallon of Sweet Tea,” she says, showing off a massive container of liquid to the camera.

“And all of this was right at $100,” she says, before showing off a pair of tongs that came with the bag “to serve everything” and a ton of ketchup packets.

And while Britany seemed very excited with her purchase,many weren’t too impressed with the pricing structure of the Big Box Dinner from Whataburger.

Is it worth it?

One person wrote, “I’m trying to wrap my head around $100 for 10 burgers,” to which Britany replied that customers were getting a whole “10 MEALS” for the amount of money they were spending.

Someone else suggested a distinct difference in the costs of the ginormous box of burgers, writing, “$100??? it’s $45 in San Antonio TX.”

According to local radio station KSAT, it seems like there’s truth to that comment. According to the outlet, the box costs $45.99 for 10 burgers with accouterments. If you’re trying to get one with a double meat option, however, then that’s going to end up costing you a bit more money: $59.99. It seems that Britany’s order ended up costing as much as it did because she added french fries and a big bag of sweet tea.

Others stated that they felt Whataburger’s bundle box wasn’t as good of a value as the one that was offered by Mickey D’s.

“I pay $13.00 in McDonald’s for there bundle box,” one commented. “It come with two cheese burgers,two Big Mac,four fries,10nuggets.”

According to USA Today, the cost of McDonald’s bundle box ultimately varies by location.

Someone else thought those purchasing the big dinner box at Whataburger should get some type of reduced price since customers are putting in the leg work of assembling the sandwich themselves.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Britany via TikTok comment and Whataburger via email.

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