Worker gets ready for shift at Westgate Resorts. Then manager fires her over text

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‘Not even a call?’: Worker gets ready for shift at Westgate Resorts. Then manager fires her over text

'I would definitely get a lawyer.'


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Posted on Jan 15, 2024   Updated on Jan 15, 2024, 1:42 am CST

A former Westgate Resorts worker has shared a video in which she alleges she was fired from the company via text message.

The video, posted on Dec. 22 by TikTok user Minnah Mac (@minnah_mac), quickly went viral, accumulating over 538,400 views. In the video, the TikToker shows a screenshot of a text message from a contact named “Steve,” who delivered the news of her termination.

The text message reads, “Good morning – please don’t come in today -Westgate Resorts has terminated your employment with the company effective as of today, December 22nd, 2023. Thank you for your time and I wish you success in all your endeavors.”

The particular method of termination, specifically the use of a text message, sparked outrage from viewers, some of whom went to the comment section to express their outrage.

One commenter wrote, “You know they can’t fire you over a text.”

Another said, “I don’t think a company is even allowed to fire you over a text? I would definitely get a lawyer.”

Responding to the comments, Minnah Mac posted a follow-up video to clarify the legal aspects of the situation. She stated, “A lot of people were in the comments basically saying that it was illegal to fire somebody by text. Actually, in California, that’s not illegal, just for clarification for you guys.”

According to one Californian law firm that specializes in employment law, this is true. Although terminating employment through a text message may lack courtesy, it is not against the law.

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However, the TikToker says she encountered another issue related to her termination—not receiving her final paycheck, which she says is a violation of state law.

A Lawyers for Justice article states, “In California, an employer is required to pay a final paycheck on an employee’s last day of work or within 72 hours of that last shift.”

Other commenters used the comments section as space to share their own stories, with one saying, “I just gave my two weeks last week. I found out today that they terminated my insurance and back dated it to the end of last month….”

“They closed my company the day after Christmas and we all lost our jobs. I feel you,” a second added.

“Worked at Westgate for two years. It SUCKED, worst company to work for,” a third commenter claimed.

“I was let go on Friday from my job as well,” one more remarked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @minnah_mac via TikTok direct messages for comment and to Westgate Resorts via their media contact.

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*First Published: Jan 15, 2024, 3:00 am CST