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‘One time I went to Taco Bell and they were out of tortillas’: Restaurant worker mocks customers who complain store is out of half the menu items

‘I work the day before our truck comes and it’s the worst day of the week.’


Jack Alban


TikToker Annabel Gray (@annabelcgray) posted a now-viral clip where she refers to customers as “rats” upon having to inform them about not having a particular item available on the menu.

She writes in a text overlay for the TikTok: “When we have to tell the customers we’re out of half the items on the menu.”

She lip-syncs to a voice-over from a New York City official speaking on strides local government has taken to combat vermin outbreaks: “The rats are absolutely going to hate this announcement, but the rats don’t run this city, we do.”



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Her post echoes the same concerns voiced by a Starbucks barista who also uploaded a popular TikTok addressing the same subject matter. Kaitlin Davis responded to customers who tell Starbucks employees how “tired” they are of the chain running out of menu items. Kaitlin suggests that workers are also tired of it because they then have to listen to remarks from patrons who aren’t too happy that they can’t purchase the product.

Users who saw Gray’s post responded that they, too, feel frustrated they have to hear customers talk about how disappointed they are at not being able to buy some of their favorite items.

“‘So what DO you have [then?]’” one user mimicking a customer’s response commented.

“When we ran out of espresso at Starbucks,” another user shared.

“When I worked at a pizza place and we ran out of dough,” another wrote.

“I work the day before our truck comes and it’s the worst day of the week,” a user commented.

However, there were also some TikTok users who posted their perspectives as a customer and remarked that they’ve encountered situations at some franchises where the store ran out of menu items that were integral to the business, like a pizza shop running out of dough, or a Taco Bell running out of tortillas.

In 2021, a global supply chain crisis occurred following a slew of government-mandated stay-at-home and social distancing orders implemented in response to fears over the COVID-19 pandemic. While Bloomberg states that product levels should return to normal by the third quarter of 2022, there are still a number of businesses still feeling the effects of the crisis and it’s reflecting in their menu offerings.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gray via TikTok comment.

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