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“I literally pull up and ask ‘What y’all out of today?’”: Popeyes worker lists the only items the store has for drive-thru customer

‘We don’t have no cups for your drinks.’


Braden Bjella


A drive-thru customer showcased on TikTok the sorry state of their local Popeyes. 

In a video with over 369,000 views, TikTok user Tiffany (@tiffanyveronica_) shows a drive-thru at a Chicago-area Popeyes. The employee then presents an exhaustive list of everything the restaurant is currently missing, including dipping sauces, condiments, many sides, and cups for drinks.

“We have chicken tenders and nuggets, but we don’t have no dipping sauces,” the worker says. “The only three sides that we have available is red beans with no rice, mashed with no gravy, and fries. … And we don’t have no cups for your drinks.”

In the comments section, many users claimed this was a common occurrence at their local Popeyes.

“I was picking up a delivery for a costumer at a Popeyes…all they had was Chicken, Mashed Taters, Biscuits… nothing that came with the order…” one user recalled.

“I work at Popeyes and literally there is never anything,” another added.

“I went to the same one and they only had legs and they gave us cookies to replace the biscuits,” a third claimed.

“I literally pull up and ask ‘what y’all out of today?’” an additional TikToker stated. “Popeyes in Chicago is a joke.”

This is such a common complaint that other users have gone viral after sharing their stories of encountering shortages at the restaurant. Recently, a delivery driver went viral after begging users to stop ordering food from the restaurant. He cited difficulties with customer service and frequent availability issues as his primary reasons for discouraging customers from ordering. At the end of last year, another user went similarly viral after claiming they received a 5-piece chicken tender meal with barely any chicken.

Furthermore, Popeyes has come under fire online for its long wait times, meaning that even if the restaurant has an item in stock, it may take a while to actually get it.

Back under Tiffany’s video, some people claimed these shortages were not the employees’ fault. “From someone who works at Popeyes, sometimes the truck never comes and we sell out of everything,” one claimed.

The Daily Dot reached out to Popeyes via email and Tiffany via Instagram direct message.

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