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‘Bruh it’s not even on the app for me’: Customer protests McDonald’s and Wendy’s National Cheeseburger deals that require the app by ordering Five Guys instead

'i knew it was too good to be true.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 19, 2023

Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and many other fast-food restaurants are selling cheeseburgers for just a few cents in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. One TikToker has now gone viral after sharing his response to learning that he could only cash in on the delicious deals if he downloaded each restaurant’s mobile app.

TikTok user @thenumba1guido uploaded the video on Monday, and it has amassed over 824,000 views on the platform in just one day. In the clip, the TikToker records himself at a Wendy’s location and asks a worker, “You guys doing the one-cent burgers today, or is that bullsh*t?”

After the Wendy’s worker tells him the deal is only available using the restaurant’s app, the clip transitions to show the TikToker ordering in a McDonald’s drive-thru. He asks the worker whether they have 50-cent cheeseburgers and is again told that he has to use the app to get the deal.

“Let me go download it. I’ll come back,” he responds.

However, instead of downloading either app, the content creator took his business elsewhere.

“You want to talk about a respectable burger?” he asks, unveiling a cheeseburger from Five Guys. The TikToker says he tried to give McDonald’s and Wendy’s a “chance” until he had to download an app. “Get the f*ck out. Ain’t downloading no f*cking app,” he says. “I’m eatin’ a respectable burger right now, cuz.”

In an interview with the Daily Dot, @thenumba1guido revealed that the Wendy’s and McDonald’s locations he visited were in Nanuet, New York, on Route 59. He said he discovered that he needed to download each restaurant’s app to cash in on the National Cheeseburger Day deals upon visiting each location. Despite being unable to claim the deals, the TikToker said he will continue going to both restaurants. However, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t disappointed.

“I was excited to get the 1cent burger from Wendy’s and the 50 cent burger from McDonald’s when I saw it on national news but disappointed when I found out it’s only on the app,” he shared via TikTok direct message.

@thenumba1guido Happy National Cheeseburger Day #nationalcheeseburgerday ♬ original sound – Numba1Guido

In the comments section, viewers appreciated the TikToker’s PSA.

“You a real one for this, i knew it was too good to be true,” one viewer wrote.

“Thank you bruh!!!!!!,” a second agreed.

Other commenters shared their experiences attempting to snag the holiday deals.

“Bro it’s not even on the app for me,” one user shared.

“Bruh i just went through the same sheet,” a second commented.

“I went to my local one and they said no,” another said.

One commenter even shared their perspective as a fast-food worker: “I work at burger king. I had this same conversation all day today,” they wrote.

So, do customers really need to use the restaurants’ apps to get these deals? According to USA Today, yes.

“Wendy’s is offering a $.01 Jr. bacon cheeseburger with any purchase from Sept. 18-22,” the outlet reports. “To cash in, check the ‘Offers’ tab in the app or online, then apply the deal to your mobile/web order or use the offer in-restaurant by adding it to your digital rewards card. From there, customers can scan their phones at the counter or drive-thru.”

The outlet continues: “McDonald’s is celebrating National Cheeseburger Day with double cheeseburgers for only $0.50 when customers order exclusively through the McDonald’s App.”

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*First Published: Sep 19, 2023, 5:10 pm CDT