Grocery worker discovers Wendy's chili is now for sale at HEB

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‘I live in Las Vegas now and I sure do miss H-E-B’: Grocery worker discovers Wendy’s chili is now for sale at H-E-B

‘Brooooo for real.’


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You can now another reason to the list of why so many people think H-E-B is the best grocery chain in the United States.

You no longer have to wait in the drive-thru line at Wendy’s to get your chili fix; just stroll down the canned goods aisle at H-E-B and grab yourself a can.

H-E-B employee “Eddie” posted a video to his @parttimefamous TikTok account documenting his latest discovery. In just one day on the platform, it’s drawn more than 101,000 views.

@parttimefamous @BootlegFoodReview you gotta make your way to HEB!! #heb #hebpartner #texas #sanantonio #austin ♬ original sound – Part-Time Famous

“Check out what i just found,” Eddie says to start the video. He plucks a can from the shelf and displays it to the camera. “Wendy’s Chili at H-E-B?” he says, “Bro, we’re trying this.”

The fast food side is indeed available at the Texas grocery chain. According to Yahoo! Life, the fan-favorite chili with beans is now available nationwide thanks to a deal with Conagra Brands, Inc. The cans started hitting shelves in the spring. and will continue to roll out this summer according to Wendy’s.

Eddie’s video, which has been seen by over 95 thousand viewers since it was posted yesterday has hit a deep nerve of nostalgia in viewers who no longer live within shopping distance of an H-E-B. The Texas-based chain is not even available to everyone in its home state — but it is ranked as 13th on the list of “Top 75 North American Food Retailers” according to Supermarket News.

Many consider it to be the best grocery store in the nation; it was the subject of an Insider listicle back in 2015 touting 13 different virtues, and as the Houston Chronicle reported Friday, a recent poll put it back on top.

“I live in Las Vegas now and I sure do miss HEB,” user @albertvejil commented.

Another added that “I work at HEB and honestly, HEB has some intriguing things you don’t really see in most grocery stores.”

Another commenter said that though he would try the Wendy’s chili, the H-E-B version stacked up well against it, writing, “I need to try but your Texas HEB chili is awesome with bean n without.”

Someone else claimed, “I drive hours to shop at HEB for HEB branded products.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @parttimefamous via TikTok DM and to Wendy’s via email.

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