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‘Do you want to buy?’: Shopper goes to Victoria’s Secret while wearing Victoria’s Secret, gets asked to purchase her own stuff

'I literally make sure I don’t do this anywhere ... I get nervous.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 27, 2024   Updated on Feb 27, 2024, 10:14 am CST

User Karina (@xokariinaxo) has over 24,000 followers on TikTok. One of her latest videos with over 409,000 views deviates from her typical beauty and fashion content. Her shopping experience at Victoria’s Secret was just too viral-worthy to not share.

“This what happens when u walk into a store wearing their products,” the text overlay of her video reads.

While browsing at a Victoria’s Secret store, a worker approaches her.

“Hi. Do you wanna buy the purse?” the worker asks.

Karina is wearing a Victoria’s Secret large tote bag that retails for $85.

“Do you want to buy?” the worker repeats.

After a couple of seconds of silence, Karina responds. “Oh, this one is mine,”  she says.

Then, Karina and the worker start awkwardly laughing.

Despite the interaction, Karina wasn’t fazed by it. “I knew this would happen one day,” she captioned the video. 

@xokariinaxo I knew this would happen one day😆😂@Victoria’s Secret ♬ original sound – karina🎀🧁🐇🩰

Karina’s experience of wearing a brand’s clothing in its own store, while awkward, went much smoother than TikToker Jack’s (@canigetamcpicktwo). Jack decided to go shopping at Zara while wearing a Zara jacket. He was accused of stealing the jacket and couldn’t show proof of his purchase as he had not held onto the receipt since he made the purchase two months earlier.

Experiences like Karina and Jack’s stoked the fears of consumers.

“I literally make sure I don’t do this anywhere … I get nervous,” one viewer shared.

“I get scared lol,” another wrote.

Others shared their own experiences of this happening to them.

“This happened to me at coach i started sweating,” one wrote, with another adding, “No this has happened to me at coach multiple times.”

It appears this mixup often happens when a customer purchases a handheld product, like a purse of wallet.

“Went to michael kors a few weeks ago with my purse, the lady straight up grabbed it out my hand and wouldnt give it back. i told her open it and it had all my stuff inside. i should sue lol,” another viewer shared.

“My mom had a bag from Ross or tjmaxx idk n she used the restroom but when she came out they accused her of stealing the bag,” a second wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Karina via Instagram direct message, TikTok comment, and direct message. In the comments section.

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2024, 1:00 pm CST