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‘This is the hidden truth that every Walmart employee won’t tell you’: Walmart worker tells customer TV is out of stock because it’s too high on shelf

'That’s y I slide them a 20.'


Melody Heald


Posted on May 11, 2023

A Walmart worker revealed a ‘hidden truth’ other workers allegedly won’t share with customers: If an item is too difficult to retrieve, they’ll say it’s out of stock.

TikTok user and Walmart employee Julacred (@therealjulacred) shared this information in a video that has garnered over 116,000 views since he posted it yesterday.

In the video, Julacred explains that a customer requested a 43-inch TCL Roku TV. He shows his product scanner, indicating that the store has six of the TVs in stock in the backroom. After finding the correct aisle and squeezing through the narrow walkway, Julacred finds the product he’s looking for on the top shelf.

“That’s too high. So, to me, we don’t got it,” he concludes. Though Julacred does not mention it, the product scanner he shows in the video also says the store has two of the TVs in stock on the sales floor. It is unclear why Julacred did not attempt to retrieve the items from there instead.

In a text overlay, Julacred says that claiming hard-to-reach items are out of stock is “the hidden truth that every Walmart employee won’t tell you.” He adds in the caption, “[Too] much work they dont pay me enough anyways.”

@therealjulacred Yoo much work they dont pay me enough anyways🥱🤷🏿‍♂️#lazy #walmart #worker #joke ♬ original sound – Julacred

In the comments section, some viewers agreed with how Julacred handled the situation.

“[Thought] I was the only one who did this,” one viewer wrote.

“LOL. I agree. They don’t have it,” a second said.

“For the slave wages Walmart pays yeah I’m not getting that shit down neither,” a third echoed.

Others shared what they would have done instead.

“That’s when I tell them it’s up on a higher [shelf] they’ll have to wait for me to get it down. Half the time they say NeverMind I’m not waiting & leave,” one viewer shared.

“Bruh I’m walking straight in there and getting that tv,” a second wrote.

In addition, many viewers criticized the TikToker’s work ethic.

“So I don’t get my tv and the store loses business cause you’re lazy?” one user asked.

“Get a top stock cart and get it. Lazy. Smh,” another said.

The Daily Dot contacted Walmart via media relations form and Julacred via TikTok comment and direct message for more information.

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*First Published: May 11, 2023, 4:19 pm CDT