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‘I don’t get why people don’t just stop’: Walmart shopper shows difference between ‘respectful’ vs. disrespectful customers

‘It ain’t personal but I’m not stopping.’


Phil West


When leaving a Walmart, are you the type to stop and acknowledge the employee checking receipts at the door, or the type to breeze past that person?

A TikTok video presented these two options, courtesy of creator Jay Dee Joyner (@joyners), and it received more than 567,000 views in the two days it’s been on the social media platform.

The clip shows two brief encounters with the same Walmart employee at a Bay Area store. In the first clip, with a text overlay that reads, “When you get respect,” the employee is checking the receipt for one customer, with another customer waiting behind that person.

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The second clip, captioned, “When IDGAF,” shows the same greeter rising to meet a customer, who wheels his cart past the employee without even acknowledging him.

The post is soundtracked to a snippet of Jay-Z and T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us,” and it drew a number of comments from viewers presenting both sides of the argument.

“Literally like i don’t get why people don’t just stop,” said one person sympathetic to the Walmart worker, adding, “It’s not hard. he’s just doin his job.”

Someone else argued, “Because it’s not required.”

Another person, agreeing with the walk-on-by tactic, noted, “It ain’t personal but I’m not stopping.”

“I usually walk right by too,” said one viewer, “Last time dude asked me to help him find something on the receipt. I already checked myself out I’m not helping you too.”

But others argued that stopping for the Walmart receipt checker is an acknowledgment of his humanity.

“I usually stop because it gives senior citizens jobs,” one remarked, “and you never know that little interaction prob everything to them if they are alone.”

Another said, “I stop cause i know respect even if [it’s] not needed smh humans.”

Some Walmart shoppers pointed out that stopping for receipt checkers can sometimes end up being an incredibly slow process. “Ok but when there’s a long ass line of ppl just standing there to get their receipt checked? Im not waiting for something that’s not mandatory fuck no.”

Someone else, “If they don’t have a line, I don’t mind stopping. But if they have a line that’s around 5-10 minutes long, I’m just walking through.”

But one person pointed out, “It literally takes 5 seconds to show ur receipt lol,” adding, “Y’all just wanna be difficult and mad for no reason. Grow up.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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