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‘Keep stealing at self-checkout if you want to’: Walmart customer shows 2 police officers with assault rifles at exit

‘Or put f*cking cashiers back in to do their jobs.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a trending TikTok video, a Walmart customer shows that their local store had several police officers at the exit with large assault rifles.

In the clip, Sergio Alvarez (@officialsergioalvarez) appears to be filming inside a Walmart as he’s headed out of the store with at least one bag in his hand.

“Keep stealing at self-checkout if you want to,” the text overlay on the video reads.

The music over the video is the classic “Bad Boys” song by Inner Circle, also known as the theme song of the show Cops.

The lyrics “Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” are heard over the TikTok clip.

There appear to be at least two police officers with assault rifles and two additional, less armed, officers. The officers are standing near the exit specifically, likely because of possible theft or to ward off shoplifting.

@officialsergioalvarez #walmart is tired of y’all! 🤣 #peopleofwalmart #selfcheckout #shoplifter ♬ Bad Boys (Theme from Cops) – Inner Circle

The video has more than 17,000 views and over 70 comments as of Wednesday morning.

“#walmart is tired of y’all,” Alvarez wrote in the caption.

In June, Walmart was in the news after an off-duty officer used excessive force on a customer over a bought and paid for $5 frozen pizza, KKTV reported.

People in the comments section were divided about the security measure.

Some thought the police officers were unnecessary.

“Lol F*ck Walmart,” a top comment read.

“Or put f*cking cashiers back in to do their jobs,” a person said about Walmart replacing more and more cashiers with self-checkout stations.

“Why do the cops need military style weapons at Walmart?” another pointed out.

Others were in favor of the police officer’s presence, arguing that it would prevent theft.

“It’s about time we stand up to shoplifters,” a commenter wrote.

“it ain’t the stores fault, it’s the trash stealing from it,” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alvarez and Walmart for comment via email.

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