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‘I did not go back’: Walmart worker explains why she quit after 1 day as an online order picker

‘This explains why they be trying to run me over.’


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A worker took to TikTok to share her one and only day at Walmart in the role of an OGP (or online order picker), declaring it to be “absolute insanity” and “not worth the stress.”

User Sarah (@quesara.sarah) posted the video to the platform on Friday, gathering more than a half million views in just four days.

In the video, she details her single day at Walmart working alongside a trainer to gather items for customers.

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After stitching another video that highlights the challenges of the job, Sarah began by saying, “I worked at Walmart for one day doing that job, for one eight-hour shift, and I did not go back. And this is why.”

She went on to report that she started in the dry goods area with a cart containing six tubs, each one reserved for different customers’ orders. She then cites an example of how challenging she found the job.

“I was like halfway through picking my section of orders,” Sarah recalls. “I had to run from the one side of the store all the way over to the other store out into the garden section to get a flyswatter for a customer because they wanted a flyswatter and then run all the way back to put it in my tub because they had you had to do it like in their order.”

Sarah says it became difficult for her and her trainer to keep all the items in their cart.

“We had to get a TV stand that we had to put on top of it, as well as one of those Rubbermaid three-drawer, about two feet wide, those three-door big plastic storage units…,” she explains. “And then we just had to like, wobble our way through the store, like pretty precariously trying to get back to where we needed to be to continue adding items to our carts.”

By the end of one particular mission, the creator portrayed herself “pushing the cart with one hand” and holding “a pink little girl’s mermaid bike with the other hand,” with a 20-inch computer monitor balanced along with everything else on the cart.

“It was absolute insanity and like not worth the effort, not worth the stress of having to run back and forth,” Sarah says. “And my trainer, I said to her, ‘When do you take a break?’”

The trainer reportedly responded, “Sometimes I don’t.”

The creator then observes, “That’s crazy. Like you should run and run and run and run for like eight to nine hours and don’t take a break. So I never went back.”

Commenters had plenty of opinions, beginning with a few who found OGPs to be obstacles while on their shopping excursions at Walmart.

“This explains why they be trying to run me over,” one remarked.

Another opined, “My issue is they are everywhere and I, a regular shopper, can’t even get around because of all those huge carts everywhere.”

Some commented that the OGP job is actually pretty good as jobs go.

“I mean in [Georgia], they started out at $17 an hour…. that’s good for being inside all day and only having to collect groceries,” one noted.

“OGP was the easiest job I’ve worked,” another chimed in. “It’s good exercise.”

Others thought the day she described was not a normal day.

“Did y’all not use a L Cart?” one inquired, adding that an OGP is “supposed to use a L Cart for oversized items.”

The creator responded, “We did not!”

“I’m going on year 2 of OGPand it’s all autopilot now, lol,” another commented. “Whoever made the pick route for that store you were at did not care at all.”

Someone else concurred, noting, “Been there. I’ve done it for years. But whoever designed their pick path for the store made a mess.”

Then, another sniffed, “Sounds like my staff getting upset they have to work while at work,” adding with what seemed to be shade, “No shade, but for real, working at work is a hard concept these days.”

At least one commenter showed sympathy, saying, “This is like a stressful game show with no prize.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sarah via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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