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‘We had it out for 2 months, bro’: Walmart worker slams last-minute shoppers

'Why do you all wait a day before the holiday to come in and get your stuff?'


Melody Heald


Posted on Apr 11, 2023   Updated on Apr 20, 2023, 9:44 am CDT

A Walmart worker called last-minute holiday shoppers who get upset when items aren’t in stock.

TikTok user Phillip Crawford (@ohiodizzy), is sitting outside in his Walmart uniform and starts off his TikTok with a question: “Why do you all wait a day before the holiday to come in and get your stuff?”

“And then be mad when we ain’t got shit. We had two fucking months, bro,” he adds.

@ohiodizzy IF YOU WORK RETAIL THEN YOU FEEL MY PAIN… #fyp #retail #walmart #shopping #lastminute ♬ original sound – Phillip Crawford

He appealed to fellow retail workers in his caption, writing, “IF YOU WORK RETAIL THEN YOU FEEL MY PAIN.” Crawford’s video garnered 1.3 million views as of April 11, and retail workers validated Crawford in the comments, sharing that they do, indeed, feel his pain.

“Target was the worst,” a TikToker who said they worked at both Target and ShopRite shared.

“The same thing happened when I worked at Safeway,” a second wrote.

Crawford seemed to be taking aim at Easter shoppers as his video was posted the day before the holiday. One retail worker in the comments said customers “were mad” their store didn’t have baskets; another worker said “people [were] ordering TODAY for Easter” and then got “mad we were out of the candy and plastic eggs.”

However, last-minute shoppers didn’t remain quiet. They took this as an opportunity to defend themselves.

“I done bought it but didn’t have self control and then had to buy more,” one user joked.

“Some of us have to wait until we get paid because usually the first of the month our money goes towards rent,” another explained. Many users shared this reason, noting all the holidays that fall at a time when they don’t have money.

According to Discover, one lesser-known reason for last-minute shopping is that the “brain is designed to procrastinate.”

Last-minute shopping is generally harmless. However, last-minute shoppers should come to terms with the fact that the store they are shopping at may no longer have what they need. As Crawford and many retail workers said, they only really have an issue with these customers when the onus is placed on the workers. “I don’t get mad though cause I know it’s on me,” a self-proclaimed last-minute shopper said.

This seems to be the mindset all last-minute shoppers should have.

Crawford declined the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

Update 9:44am CT, April 20: During an interview with the Daily Dot, where he clarified his intentions about the video, Crawford said it wasn’t made to be disrespectful. Rather, he didn’t understand why people do this.

“I just didn’t understand the customers who were getting angry with me,” he explained.

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*First Published: Apr 11, 2023, 3:39 pm CDT