Former Walmart worker says you don't have to show greeters your receipt

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‘The only time they can legally stop you is if they have 100% proof on camera’: Former Walmart worker says you don’t have to show greeters your receipt

'Just say have a nice day loudly and confidently over them asking and keep walking.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 28, 2023

A former Walmart employee and TikToker named Krista (@kristajaycams) claims that customers don’t have to subject themselves to receipt checks when exiting the store.

Walmart receipt disputes pop up all the time—but while most customers will hand over their receipt when asked for one, there are many who feel strongly about not being obligated to do so and they often end up on social media to let others know that they can do the same.

@kristajaycams I went through walmart training. They literally tell you not to check reciept as we legally cant… #walmart #lossprevention #theft ♬ original sound – Kristajaycams

Krista, who has previously been featured on the Daily Dot after she had an interaction with a rude customer at Whole Foods, captions her latest video, “I went through walmart training. They literally tell you not to check receipt[s] as we legally cant…”

In the clips, she speaks directly into the camera, stating, “I don’t know who needs to hear this but the only person that can legally stop you at Walmart on your way out is loss prevention. And the only time that they can legally stop you is if they have 100% proof on camera that you were stealing or doing something that you were not supposed to be doing.”

The former Walmart worker goes on to explain why.

“Because, well, if they stop you and they don’t have 100% proof, it’s a lawsuit. Those people at the doors that ask for your receipt, they are not loss prevention. They are greeters. You don’t have to show them your receipt whatsoever. You can keep moving. They do not have the authority to ask for your receipt. They cannot stop you.”

She adds that the greeters, “cannot grab your items. They cannot grab your cart, they definitely cannot grab you, and if they do start recording because you can 100% press charges.”

Krista ends her video by reiterating that the only staff that can stop customers from leaving the store are from Walmart’s Loss Prevention department.

Although the video now appears to have been taken down, Krista’s post inspired a variety of different responses from viewers.

One person said that the only reason they stop for greeters is to be polite, as the majority of folks employed in this position tend to be older individuals: “At my Walmart the greeters are all elderly people in wheelchairs and very friendly so I always stop to be nice.”

However, others agreed with Krista’s advice and some claimed that they had been refusing to show their receipts since before they saw the creator’s video.

“I always walk by them. I feel like an a-hole but I’m not trying to stand in line to leave the store after standing in line to pay,” said one user.

In response, Krista said that she also ignores Walmart greeters: “The senior lady grabbed my shoulder one time and I screamed so loud and kept walking.”

One person shared their message for mitigating awkwardness by blowing right past store greeters: “Just say have a nice day loudly and confidently over them asking and keep walking.”

But one former worker disagreed with Krista’s advice and wrote, “Pls put a disclaimer that each Walmart is different, as the one I worked at, we were told to check receipts.”

According to local news affiliate ABC 10, a Walmart spokesperson has gone on record stating that it’s the chain’s intention to check every receipt from every shopper exiting their brick-and-mortar store. And, the report also notes, that customers aren’t legally obligated to show them.

But while customers may not legally have to stop and hand over their receipt, not doing so, “could give the store some probable cause they need to ask you to stop and detain you. They would need additional proof, too. At that point, lawyers advise it’s best to show your receipt and wait it out. Don’t try to flee.”

Interestingly enough, Krista isn’t the only Walmart employee who says that the store’s training program instructs employees not to check receipts. So what’s with the double messaging?

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Krista via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2023, 6:45 pm CDT