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‘You can take my money in 10 seconds but you can’t refund it in 10 seconds?’: Walmart delivery customer says driver stole half of her order. Now she’s out $250 without necessary groceries

'This was my grocery money for the week.'


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Posted on Dec 20, 2023   Updated on Dec 20, 2023, 11:22 am CST

It can be hard not to notice the change in prices at the grocery store—times have gotten harder for everyone, with rising food costs being one of the most visible indicators of economic strife.

One single mother says her Walmart grocery delivery driver stole half her order, and while she recognizes that these hard times are hitting everyone, the theft has done immense damage to her and her children’s lives.

In a video that has drawn over 2.4 million views, Kat (@katdaddykatt) says half of her $250 grocery delivery from Walmart was allegedly taken by the driver. She says she ordered her groceries through delivery so that she could spend more of her day off prepping meals for the week to save time down the line.

In particular, she says items she purchased with her autistic son in mind were taken, such as his Lunchable meals and melatonin to help him fall asleep. Most of the items taken were for children, she says, such as diapers. The items that were delivered were hardly usable with the other half of the order gone, as she notes her cereal was delivered but her milk was not.

When she reached out to customer service, she was told that a refund would take up to 10 business days to process.

“You delivered sh*t that I can’t do anything with,” she says in the video. “The lady at customer service was very nice, I had to even take a step back and say like, ‘Sorry. I know this is not your fault, thank you so much for helping me.’ But I was like this is food specifically that my autistic son needs, and this was my grocery money for the week. You’re telling me it’s going to take 10 business days? I paid $250 for groceries because I had to get some household stuff as well, his Pull-Ups and his melatonin which is not a norm, and shampoo. I paid $250, and half of my f*cking order is not there.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kat via TikTok direct message, as well as to Walmart via the company’s online contact form regarding the video.

Several viewers, identifying themselves as fellow mothers, advised the poster to call the store or use the Walmart app to have the situation made right, either with an expedited refund or to have her items re-delivered.

“Go into the Walmart app and chat with someone,” one commenter wrote. “They will give you your money back. Report the driver. Walmart will make it right.”

“Call them, see if they can pick the items that are missing and redeliver,” another suggested. “One time I got someone else’s order and they fixed it. Don’t report it in the app. Calling customer service gets you to corporate. The app is a 2nd company who don’t care.”

“Call Walmart and tell them what happened and have them REDELIVER ALL of what’s missing.. I had the same thing happen on a $450 order more than half,” a further user shared.

@katdaddykatt Im literally shaking mad. #groceries #singlemom #walmartdelivery #walmart #thief ♬ original sound – Katdaddykatt

Some viewers suggested it might not have been intentional, but a very unfortunate accident in the delivery.

“Im a Shipt shopper,” one commenter wrote. “I’m sure it was an accident and the bags were given to another customer. I’m sure it was not intentional.”

“As someone who has delivered groceries before, there has been several instances where the store messes up and doesn’t give us all of the items,” another commented.

“I work for spark and we deliver what was loaded into our car and scan the label,” a third said. “if walmart didn’t load the whole order cause they forgot a basket thats on the walmart employee and not the spark driver. I’ve had it happen as a driver.”

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2023, 5:00 pm CST