Young Man eats chicken wings from Walmart Deli

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‘I honestly thought they were raw for a second’: Walmart deli customer blasts $7 chicken wings

'I’m never going back to a Walmart deli ever.'


Phil West


Posted on May 31, 2023

A TikTok creator who eats food for content may have met his match at a Walmart after choosing a $7 order of chicken wings he feared were too dry.

The video comes from Justin Chopelas, who is based in North Carolina and the subject of past Daily Dot coverage for his takes on a Little Caesars offering and a Domino’s pizza gone awry.

In this one, he starts by taking a long trek across a parking lot, surveying some of the spots that were closer to where he parked along the way, before seeing what the deli at an unidentified Walmart location offered around dinner time.

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Pickins were slim; Chopelas regarded a meatloaf option as “dried-out steak” before settling on the chicken wings. Though he expresses reservations about those, he takes them home and unceremoniously scatters them on the top of his washing machine to see what he’s working with.

He then regards them suspiciously, noting, “I understand why the price tag was hidden at Walmart. I get it.”

He tries one, and it’s audibly crunchy, certainly meeting the “dry” assessment he made earlier. He calls out, “Where’s my Dr. Pepper?”

He then tries rehabbing the wings with some Baby Ray’s brand barbecue sauce, but that’s clearly also not doing the trick, based on his reaction.

He ended his video by determining, “I’m never going back to a Walmart deli ever.”

Commenters assessed the wings with similar sideeye, but some gave their Walmart deli food recommendations as well.

“The way you just dumped them on the washing machine,” one commenter remarked.

“Idk I was like table [seemed] boring,” Chopelas replied.

A commenter offered, “The chicken tenders are surprisingly really good.”

Another lamented, “They use to have a bucket of chicken for like 10 dollars it was so good.”

“You can ask for fresh wings bro,” one person suggested.

That led to a troubling response: “No cause then the chef will spit in them. Believe me I have done it I’m a cook.”

One person observed, “I honestly thought they were raw for a second.”

That led Chopelas to quip, “Oh past that point 6 hours ago.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chopelas via TikTok comment and Walmart via email.

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*First Published: May 31, 2023, 8:49 pm CDT