Walmart worker with caption 'Cashiers fighting for their lives w the line' (l) Walmart checkout (c) Walmart worker with caption 'Managers / team leads just watching' (r)

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‘They stand around watching self-checkout’: Walmart worker mocks managers who ‘just watch’ as cashiers ‘fight for their lives’

'Literally like… why not help cashier? Lol.'


Phil West


Posted on Jun 7, 2023

A Walmart worker depicted a core difference between cashiers in the trenches and the managers who oversee them in a viral video that got people talking.

The video examining the divide came from creator Putadinerrro (@putadinerrro and has since attracted more than 66,000 views since it went up on March 19.

It shows two sides of the coin — the first being, as the creator put it, “Cashiers who fight for their lives w the line,” playacting as a harried employee with music to match.

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Then, halfway through the eight-second video, it changes to more relaxed music and the creator is seen with an arguably calmer demeanor. The on-screen caption now reads, “Managers/team leads just watching.”

A number of viewers who happened to have experience as Walmart cashiers could relate and they took to the comments to report seeing similar situations in their own stores.

“Can confirm they do this at every store,” one wrote. “I like to talk shi about them to the customers just loud enough for them to hear it.”

Another declared, “This is the problem with [team] leads,” specifying, “they stand around, make jokes of the day or [be on] their phone but when others does it they get call out.”

Someone else couldn’t understand why Walmart managers don’t just help their cashiers. “Literally like… why not help cashier? Lol,” they wondered.

But many viewers who also happened to be team leaders jumped in to essentially say, “Not all Walmart managers.”

“I always hop on to help but then when the line starts dying down they all leave,” one said, adding, “suddenly it’s just me in the first scenario.”

“Used to be a team lead,” another claimed. “I always helped my associates work.”

Someone else said, “I’m a team lead and I help with cashiering and service desk and digital and help unload trucks and service calls and still do my own stuff.”

Tension between Walmart managers and workers is a common gripe on TikTok. The Daily Dot’s recent Walmart coverage includes a story about a TikTok about managers who look forward to workers graduating high school so they can schedule them for eight-hour shifts, and another joking about managers refusing employee PTO requests.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 7, 2023, 4:44 pm CDT