McDonalds Customer complains about 'visual aids' for workers on side of soda cup

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‘Just drink the soda dawg’: Viewers defend McDonald’s after customer complains about ‘visual aids’ for workers on side of soda cup

'Train your crew better McDonald's. I don't need to see their visual aids on my cup.'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

McDonald’s has some of the tastiest fountain drinks around but one TikToker is taking issue with the little markings on McDonald’s soda cups meant to help workers dole out the right portions.

In a six-second video with over 61,500 views, user Sam (@sammerschulz) showed off his soda cup’s markings and asked the fast food chain to train their workers better so the indicators wouldn’t be necessary.

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Sam wrote in the text overlay on the video, “Train your crew better McDonald’s. I don’t need to see their visual aids on my cup.”

The lines on the cup show where it should be filled with ice depending on if it is a soda or iced coffee drink. The TikToker called this method of measurement “tacky af.”

However, in the comments section, many defended McDonald’s and lambasted Sam for making something out of nothing. A number of users pointed out that countless fast-food chains use these indicators to help their workers serve drinks faster.

“Acting like the lines [on] Starbucks cups aren’t also for measurements … it’s fast food,” one person commented.

“[Not] you beefing with a cup?!?!?” another asked.

“Bros mad over lines on his cup,” wrote someone else.

Ultimately, the McDonald’s customer admitted he did in fact enjoy his drink.

When one person urged him to “Just drink the soda dawg,” the creator responded, saying, “I did it was scrumptious.”

This is not the first time a video about drink cups from McDonald’s has gone viral. In May, many were surprised to learn that the bubbles on the lids of every cup actually act as a labeling system. The buttons, which are labeled “diet”, “cola”, and “tea,” can be individually pushed down to indicate what drink is in the cup. This way customers know which drink is theirs without having to do a taste test to figure it out.

The Daily Dot contacted Sam via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 2:36 pm CDT