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Verizon worker asked to come in early for the iPhone 15 presale. There’s no one in line when he opens store

'Me on my pro 12 and will remain on this phone until it disintegrates because groceries are expensive.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Sep 20, 2023

If you were worried about having to wait in line for the new iPhone 15 we have some great news for you. Demand is way down. At least that’s the case one TikToker makes in a video about the pre-sale at the Verizon outlet he works at.

@upxallxnightt Day one iphone 15 pre sales had a Hugeeeew turnout! 🫠🫠🙃#iphone15 #presale #verizon ♬ original sound – UpxAllxNightt

Musician and TikToker UpxAllxNightt (@upxallxnightt) claims he was asked to come in early to work on the day iPhone 15 presales started at the Verizon store he works at. But the expected line at the door failed to materialize.

“Day one iphone 15 pre sales had a Hugeeeew turnout!” he states sarcastically in the caption of the video. The video has received 300,800 thousand views in the days since being uploaded to the popular social media platform.

“Oh yeah, we need you to come in and hour earlier for work for the iPhone presales,” he says over the video footage. “Lotta people gonna be lined up,” he continues, as he pans his camera around an empty parking lot and store.

“Bi**h, where?” he asks in the video’s text overlay.

The nonexistent line for the iPhone 15 is a far cry from the excitement generated by past iPhone launches, many of which had hundreds of people waiting for their chance to score the latest device from the Apple Store and various other affiliates.

But it seems from the comments that shoppers have other concerns these days, especially when it comes to inflation and the price of groceries.

“Have you seen gas prices lately?” one commenter asked.

Another user wrote, “Me on my pro 12 and will remain on this phone until it disintegrates because groceries are expensive.”

Some other commenters pointed out that presales are mostly accomplished online these days.

“Who go to stores to preorder?” one stated.

“Nah everything is done online lol,” another added.

While brick-and-mortar stores aren’t experiencing the heyday lines they used to, online presales have been brisk for the iPhone 15. According to Gizmodo, “the sudden influx of demand has pushed shipping estimates nearly three weeks or more,” meaning even early birds reserving their phones now may be waiting until next month before they get their hands on them.

In any case, some of the TikToker’s viewers were not impressed with the new features of the latest update.

“Let’s be honest, the hype dies after the X. now it’s just here’s a new color literally,” one commented.

“They just want the newest phone out,” stated another.

The Daily Dot has reached out to UpxAllxNightt via TikTok for further comment.

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2023, 5:22 pm CDT