Delivery driver sets the record straight about how much he makes

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‘Pharmacists don’t get paid that much after 6 years of school’: Delivery driver sets the record straight about how much he makes

'I see comments, especially RNs saying they don't make that much. Let’s fight for your wages too, y'all!'


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Posted on Aug 15, 2023

A UPS driver and TikTok user is out to prove that a new deal struck up by the Teamsters Union doesn’t exactly mean he’s getting paid a luxury income—in fact, far from it.

In July, the Teamsters Union reached a tentative agreement with UPS, securing delivery service drivers a historic contract that includes a pay raise. Much has been made about the unprecedented deal after it was reported that drivers would now be making $170,000 a year.

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Skyler Lee Stutzman (@skylerleestutzman) posted a video to TikTok four days ago in response to another creator who raised an eyebrow over the new contract’s six-figure deal. The response, which has gained 13.1 million views, breaks down how those $170,000 are applied to a driver’s benefits and shows that while workers are earning health and pension benefits, the hourly wage breaks down to something closer to $44. 

“Under [our] current contract, our wage is $41.51 an hour,” Skyler tells the camera. “Once [the new] contract ratifies, we’ll be making $44.26 an hour.”

According to Skyler, that breaks down to around $92,000 a year—$80,000 shy of the $170,000 figure that’s been publicized. So, where’s the rest?

“One of the other things that a lot of people don’t take into consideration is our medical insurance and our pension,” Skyler tells his viewers. The pension alone would account for between roughly $10 to $12 dollars per hour and go toward the driver’s retirement. Health insurance payments would account for a significant amount as well.

Despite his explanation, many viewers scornfully compared that wage with the yearly income of others, such as those in health care. 

“I’m sorry, this is ridiculous. Most RNs don’t make that much,” one user commented.

“$41 an hour to deliver packages [is] still ridiculous when a housekeeper [and hospital and hotel workers] are making $7 dollars an hour,” another viewer stated.

“Pharmacists don’t get paid that much after six years of school,” another added.

However, many viewers agreed that the UPS driver’s new wage is more than fair, considering how hard their job is

“All that running around they do? In this heat?! [They] earn EVERY BIT of that $44 an hour,” stated one commenter. 

“Good job y’all. Y’all are getting closer to what a union painter in Minnesota makes. Way to go,” someone else said. 

“I see comments, especially RNs saying they don’t make that much. Let’s fight for your wages too, y’all!” another viewer wrote.

In a follow-up video posted today, Skyler expressed sympathy for workers, like nurses, who are currently making less than he will be. However, the UPS driver also stood in solidarity with his union, stating, “I never said that I should make more than anybody in the medical industry.” “I don’t think I should make less. I think they should make more,” he added.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Skyler via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Aug 15, 2023, 12:38 am CDT