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‘fr cause if i handle it i’m getting fired’: Ulta worker says she doesn’t get paid enough to deal with rude customer. Viewers agree—this is why you always get the manager early

‘Ma'am, let me go find you someone with a higher pay grade.’


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Posted on Jul 6, 2023

Although some may frown on employees immediately grabbing their managers for help when dealing with an unruly customer, one Ulta worker said she’s not afraid to call for reinforcement.

TikTok creator Lauren White (@bingletoncoochiesmitts) posted a video illustrating how she refuses to deal with rude customers. Lauren writes in the description, “Ma’am, let me go find you someone with a higher pay grade.” The video has been viewed more than 489,000 times as of Thursday.


ma’am, let me go find you someone with a higher paygrade🫶🏼

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The six-second clip shows her rushing her from the counter with her hand pressed against her chest. A white text overlay reads, “Me instantly sprinting to get a manager when a customer starts acting out of pocket bc I personally don’t get paid enough to play nice nice with some random who is deliberately trying to make my day as shitty as theirs.”

Users quickly agreed and applauded her method of dealing with rude customers. The Daily Dot reached out to Lauren via TikTok comments.

“This is so true, the second the customer gives attitude ‘lemme go get my manager for you,’” one user said.

A store manager added, “Tbh now that I’m a manager difficult customers are fun for me. Like, yes girly! Let’s argue! Makes my shift go fast!”

“My manager just scolded me for NOT doing this when I get yelled at because he said he never wants us to be verbally degraded,” a user replied.

Another user pushed back.

“Tbh depends on the situation. Sometimes these sales reps have such attitudes for no reason, I’m going to give one right back,” they said.

Lauren replied, “That sounds like a you problem.”

“I love arguing with [customers], like girl I got till 5 to fight and I’m not doing anything better,” another user replied.

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*First Published: Jul 6, 2023, 9:53 pm CDT