Woman finds 'huge jackpot' of Mac makeup, Chanel perfumes, and more while dumpster diving at Ulta

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‘A worker was definitely going to come back for that’: Woman finds ‘huge jackpot’ of Mac makeup, Chanel perfumes, and more while dumpster diving at Ulta 

‘Wait until you see what’s inside this dumpster’


Maya Wray


Posted on Dec 25, 2023   Updated on Dec 25, 2023, 9:54 am CST

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure—or, as TikTok viewers suspect, another person’s secret stash. 

A content creator who is well-known for documenting her dumpster dives returned to an Ulta Beauty store’s trash bins. In this video, she said she found a “jackpot” inside the bags she searched through. As of Monday morning, the video by user GlamourDDive (@glamourddive) had over 2.1 million views and she showed viewers the “souped” makeup products she initially located inside the dumpster. 

“Soup bag = destroyed makeup/skincare,” she clarified in her video’s text overlay.

Rummaging through boxes with a pair of bright blue sanitary gloves, she urged viewers to wait for her “crazy score.” Among the box’s contents were several Stila brand eye pencils, some Chanel perfume testers, a completely full Coach perfume bottle, several shades of Mac foundation, Redken hair products, and Drunk Elephant skincare products. 

“All of these cans are full and they still work,” GlamourDDive said.

In the comments, some viewers guessed that an Ulta Beauty employee placed the haul there intentionally and intended to retrieve it later on. Others wondered how the content creator evaded arrest.

“Took one of the workers stash they were saving,” one viewer said.

“how do you get away with dumpster diving,” another asked.

“I used to work at Ulta and this is crazy to me bc my bosses did everything to destroy all of it,” a former employee noted.

“These dumpsters have locks on them. How the hell u getting into them,” a fourth viewer questioned.

@glamourddive Wait until you see what’s inside this dumpster.. #dumpster #dumpsterdiving #ulta #insane #glamourddive ♬ Never Lose Me – Flo Milli

Others who embarked on their own dumpster diving trips revealed their own not-so-successful finds. 

“found a huge stash of snacks at 5 below and every single bag was slashed,” one wrote. 

Another user pointed to the Facebook group “Dumpster Diving Diaries” for anyone interested in buying items salvaged from store dumpsters. 

GlamourDDive recently posted her viral finds from the dumpster behind a Victoria’s Secret store, where she located several lingerie pieces and a shirt with tags still on them. Again, viewers suspected that a store employee stashed the items, citing the relatively undestroyed state of them.

The Daily Dot has reached out to GlamourDDive via email.

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*First Published: Dec 25, 2023, 7:00 pm CST