young women trying to get strawberry mcflurrys from uber eats during a rain storm from a delivery person on a bicycle


‘Uber Eats be killing me w the guilt tripping’: Customer orders UberEats in the middle of a storm. Her delivery driver is on a bicycle

'Ain't nobody tell them to accept the order in the rain.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on May 2, 2023

When a woman ordered ice cream treats from McDonald’s via Uber Eats, she immediately regretted her decision after checking the food delivery app.

In a pair of videos that have drawn over 300,000 views on TikTok, poster Zionne (@zionnediamond) shares that her attempt to order a dessert for herself and her sisters turned into a massive guilt trip.

“So me and the twins ordered the new Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry, and we were like alright, let’s check to see when it’s going to be here, and then it says, ‘Trevon’s dodging raindrops on the way to pick up your order,'” she says in the video.

This is where Zionne learned her delivery driver was supposedly on a bike rather than in a car.

“And then at the bottom it says, ‘Trevon is on a bicycle,'” she says, shocked. “I’m making this video because I feel so horrible right now. It’s pouring rain. I thought the person had a car who was bringing us stuff.”

@zionnediamond Omg I feel so bad its raining🙁 #fyp #foryou #viral #zionnediamond ♬ original sound – Zionne Diamond💞✨💎‼️

Someone off-camera can be heard telling the poster that she should have driven around the corner to pick up the items she wanted, “because that’s a shame.”

In her second video, the poster shows her app displaying a new name for a different delivery runner—this time, they have a car. Ultimately, the order was canceled, although the girls did eventually get their ice cream, follow-up videos show.

@zionnediamond Replying to @nyyamamarie I should’ve guessed that was gonna happen🙁 #fyp #foryou #viral #zionnediamond #strawberrymcflurry ♬ original sound – Zionne Diamond💞✨💎‼️

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Uber Eats and @zionnediamond via email regarding the video.

Some viewers also shared that the descriptions used in the UberEats app made them feel guilty for ordering during bad weather.

“‘Dodging raindrops’ has me cryinggg,” one commenter wrote.

“They didn’t have to say allat,” another said.

“I would tip like 20+ I feel so bad,” a third claimed.

Others argued that they would not feel guilty in this kind of situation, as the delivery runner chose to accept the order.

“But it was his choice to take the order,” one commented. “Not being rude but he could of declined it & someone else do it.”

“Nahh same thing happened to me but I ain’t gaf ima get my food thats his problem ,but son pulled up inna whole car,” another wrote. “they be cappin.”

“I used to feel bad too, but then I was like… ain’t nobody tell them to accept the order in the rain,” a third commenter shared.

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*First Published: May 2, 2023, 10:38 am CDT