Viewers defend Uber Eats driver who taped his real estate business card to orders

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‘I respect the hustle’: Viewers defend Uber Eats driver who stapled his real estate business card to orders

‘This would make me irrationally angry.’


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When setting out to start a business, creating an awareness for the service or product offered can be key to growing a consumer base.

Some folks choose to run advertisements in their local newspaper or look to online marketing. Billboards, flyers, and posters on message boards are also common ways to spread the word about a new local business.

One Uber Eats delivery runner is taking the opportunity to share the news about his business as a real estate agent by attaching his business card to food orders. Previously, other drivers have shared that they employ goody bags with delivery orders and other enticements to get customers to tip.

In a slideshow of images posted to TikTok, Winnipeg-based real estate agent Ryan Smith (@ryansmithrealtor2 on TikTok) shares how he is spreading the word about his work as a realtor.

“Sometimes you have to get creative!” the slideshow is captioned.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Smith via email.

The action of attaching his business card to food delivery orders was polarizing—some viewers shared that they respected Smith’s hustle to raise awareness of his business and others found the idea distasteful—and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

A majority of viewers were supportive of the idea and wrote that they respected the move for a businessman trying to share what he is doing with prospective clients.

“I don’t see the problem here,” one commenter wrote. “Just throw it out if you don’t want it lol! I respect his devotion.”

“Great idea!” another user agreed. “Shows your passion towards your career.”

“People are so full of hate,” another wrote. “I have a RE license and do multiple things on the side. If you’re not looking for multiple steams of income thats on you.”

Some viewers wrote that they would take offense to having the business card attached to their order, or would not take a real estate agent seriously if they are also doing food delivery.

“This would make me irrationally angry,” a user commented. “It’s the same as if your waiter tried to get you investing in their guitar business or something.”

“If my realtor is doordashing for extra money on the side I have little faith in them,” another user wrote.

“No chance in hell am I calling the door dash guy to buy a house,” a commenter said.

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