Tyson customer speaking with caption 'STOP FEEDING THESE KIDS TYSON BRAND FOOD!!' (l) Tyson chicken nuggets in front of white background (c) fingers holding chicken nugget with caption 'STOP FEEDING THESE KIDS TYSON BRAND FOOD!!' (r)

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‘I work at Tyson I will not eat Tyson products’: Shopper warns against Tyson chicken nuggets

‘Hmmm the meat do look kinda membranish.’


Phil West


Everyone loves a chicken nugget, but one mother who was preparing Tyson brand chicken nuggets for her kids determined that people shouldn’t buy the company’s food.

The warning came from Mochaa Blacc (@mochaablacc), who declared, “I’m going pescatarian” and “this was the last straw” in the caption of a TikTok video that posted to the platform on Tuesday. The clip has garnered more than 538,000 views to date.

She begins by explaining that she bought Tyson chicken nuggets on a buy one, get one free deal, but became suspicious of the product while cooking it for her kids.

@mochaablacc Im going pescatarian ..this was the last straw .. #fyp #trending #tysonchicken #mochaablack ♬ original sound – Mochaa Blacc

Mochaa asserted that there were two kinds of animal featured in the nugget: chicken and human. She pointed out that the small chicken pieces were a darker brown than usual and implied that the reason was because trafficked humans were being used to make a part of the nuggets.

“They puttin’ these goddamn humans in our food,” she said, adding, “If you take this meat that we eat to a lab and get it tested, you’re gonna find human DNA in his goddamn food.”

There is no evidence to support her claim that Tyson chicken nuggets contain human flesh.

Mochaa also wondered about brown spots on the nuggets and showed a close up of the breading that she said had a strange look to it.

“This is what we’re feedin’ our kids,” she said.

She then delved deeper: “So then I cook ’em … I’m gonna, let me try and see if it’s just the breading because I know I’m not tripping.” But upon cooking the nuggets, Mochaa said the texture seemed funky, and she started pulling one apart for the camera. She also called it “mushy.”

She concluded, “Y’all, f*ck feeding this sh*t to your kids, seriously,” and then dramatically threw the bag of Tyson nuggets in the trash.

Viewers reacted with concern and even disgust.

“Looks like meat glue lol,” said one.

“Food in general just hasn’t been the same for years now,” another remarked. “I don’t want to eat NOTHING.”

Someone else alleged, “Hmmm the meat do look kinda membranish.”

Another claimed, “The last time I bought Tyson stripps it was so weird I threw them out.”

A Dollar Tree worker observed, “I am a dollar tree cashier and I still wonder why customers still buy tyson’s chicken nuggets,” while even a Tyson worker chimed in, saying, “I work at Tyson I will not eat Tyson products.”

A few people suggested that this particular product was the subject of a recall. While there’s no news of a current Tyson recall, a 2019 recall when rubber was found in Tyson nuggets inspired a New York Times article titled “120,000 Pounds, Recalled: What’s Happening to America’s Chicken Nuggets?”

The article noted, “The rubber particles in the Tyson nuggets were discovered after consumers contacted the company to say they had found pieces of ‘soft, blue rubber’ inside the food. The rubber came from part of a seal on a piece of equipment used to produce nuggets, said Worth Sparkman, a Tyson spokesman. Part of the seal was pinched during the normal process and was introduced into the blend of nuggets, he said.”

And even though there is no proof of the nuggets containing human flesh, Mochaa’s tangent about humans in food drew some attention.

“I tell my husband I think it’s humans too & he thinks I’m crazy,” one commenter said.

Someone then countered, “Well then humans taste good.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Tyson via email.

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