Driver says Toyota falsely advertised the 2025 Camry’s fuel economy

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‘Nowhere near the 46 miles per gallon you should be getting’: Driver says Toyota falsely advertised 2025 Camry

‘Yeah, I really don’t like that.’


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A car reviewer assessing the latest hybrid-only version of the popular Toyota Camry is alleging it doesn’t get the fuel economy it should be getting.

Jill Ciminillo (@jillciminillo), managing editor with Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, discussed the new 2025 Camry in a video she put on TikTok on Thursday, getting more than 418,000 views as of Saturday. She identifies two things she dislikes about the car, which stand out as the only things she’s not happy with.

“I’m currently driving the 2025 Toyota Camry, which is all new for this model year and I want to talk about some of the things that I don’t like. And I’ll be honest with you, there really only two things,” she begins.

‘We are in subscription hell’

“First up, let’s talk about subscription fees,” she says, indicating a high tech feature that drivers might appreciate. “This right here is tied to the traffic jam assist system, which is a hands-free system in the Toyota Camry and it works really well. But after a one year free trial, you’re probably going to pay about $40 for it because you need the drive connect subscription fee as well as the 4G LTE subscription service. So you get one year free trial and then things like traffic jam assist and your connected navigation are going to come at an extra cost. I don’t like that.”

Toyota Camry’s 2025 fuel economy

She then moves to fuel economy. “This is a hybrid vehicle,” she observes. “So, the Toyota Camry should get about 46 miles per gallon in combined driving highway driving and city driving.”

Showing a screen revealing actual fuel economy, she says, “Aas you can see, I only averaged 35.9 miles per gallon and my best fuel economy was 38.5 miles per gallon. That is nowhere near the 46 miles per gallon that you should be getting in this vehicle and I’ve driven probably about 500 to 600 miles on this car.”

She concludes, “Yeah, I really don’t like that.”

Toyota’s site shows several different models of the 2025 Camry, with anywhere from 47 to 53 miles per gallon floated based on the model.

MotorTrend adds, “The entry-level, front-wheel-drive $29,495 Camry LE delivers a whopping 51 mpg city, 50 mpg highway, and 51 mpg combined, just 1 to 2 mpg down across the board relative to the less powerful previous-gen Camry LE.”

A prior Daily Dot story about the new Camry revealed two other nitpicks: The lane tracing system and the car’s digital key.

A number of commenters were displeased with the subscription requirement for the aforementioned features, with one saying, “We are in subscription hell.”

One suggested, regarding the fuel economy, “Takes about 2k miles to break in a hybrid until u start seeing the gas improvement.”

@jillciminillo The two things that I didn’t like on the 2025 @Toyota Camry… And it wasn’t the wireless charger! #cardujour #nactoy #wwcoty #cartok #fyp #toyota #toyotacamry ♬ original sound – Jill Ciminillo

Ciminillo replied, “I figured that might be part of it. I feel like this vehicle only has about 1000 miles on it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ciminillo via TikTok direct message and LinkedIn mail, and to Toyota via website form.

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